Utah Wide Receiver Sean Fitzgerald: A Man of Opportunity

After a long journey as a leader in the Utah Football Program, wide receiver Sean Fitzgerald is finally working towards his dream of making it into the NFL. Fitzgerald, a 6'3" 200 lb. receiver from Mission Viejo, California, finished his senior … [Read more...]

Two Teams Interested in Tampa Bay Buccaneers Quarterback Josh Freeman

According to sources close to the situation with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, two teams have expressed interest and have had preliminary discussions about acquiring recently benched quarterback Josh Freeman. It remains to be seen if these discussions … [Read more...]

Mark Sanchez New York Jets’ Career Likely Over

Chris Mortensen over at ESPN just recently filed a report to SportsCenter that indicates New York Jets' quarterback Mark Sanchez will have shoulder surgery, pretty much ending his season before it started. The embattled former first-round pick has … [Read more...]

AFC EAST: Survival of the Fittest

On August 14th the landscape in the AFC East seemed a lot different in the mid afternoon than it does right now. Twitter was blowing up about the possible knee injury Tom Brady of the New England Patriots was thought to have sustained. Questions … [Read more...]

Mark Sanchez Injured in New York Jets Preseason Tilt with the New York Giants

New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez was injured in the second half of their game against the New York Giants on Saturday evening. He exited the game after being on the receiving end of a hard hit by Marvin Austin of the Giants. According to … [Read more...]

Despite Injury, Geno Smith Odds-On Favorite to Start for the Jets

Mark Sanchez pulled a Mark Sanchez when he was intercepted by Detroit Lions rookie defensive end Ziggy Ansah on an attempted screen pass Friday night. When Ansah took it to the house for a touchdown, you could hear the collective frustration of fans … [Read more...]