Five Steps to Salvaging Your Fantasy Season

  Admit you have a losing team. You walked away from your fantasy draft feeling high as a kite and maybe even pulled a Rodney Ruxin and rosterbated to your picks. Suddenly, C.J. Spiller is being outperformed by the seemingly … [Read more...]

Week Two: Start or Sit?

After a successful week one of fantasy football, hopefully all of you are going for 2-0 after this week! If not, no big deal, 1-1 is how a lot of champions start out! Keep in mind, this is not the article to be reading if you want to be advised to … [Read more...]

Has Criticism of Colin Kaepernick Finally Ended?

He ran a college-style offense that won't translate into the National Football League. He doesn't have the pocket awareness or accuracy to succeed at the next level. He can't get past his first read and struggles with complex defensive … [Read more...]

Fantasy Football Week One: Start or Sit

  Now that all the mock drafts, the number crunching and the real drafts are finished, It's time to get down to business. Most fantasy players will like their drafted rosters, but will have some decisions to make each week on who to … [Read more...]

San Francisco 49ers trade A.J. Jenkins to Kansas City Chiefs for Jonathan Baldwin

That materialized pretty fast. The San Francisco 49ers have sent 2012 first-round pick A.J. Jenkins to the Kansas City Chiefs for the enigmatic Jonathan Baldwin in a deal that gives both young receivers a fresh start. Jenkins failed to catch a … [Read more...]


He has tattoos, is fashion forward and has a lot of swag. No, I am not talking about LeBron James -- I am talking about the quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers, Colin Kaepernick. The man fresh off of a Super Bowl appearance. Kaepernick was not … [Read more...]