Fantasy Focus: TE Rankings

By Josh Collacchi (@JCollacchiPFC) As the NFL is changing, more and more vertical TE are being used, and it has become a huge matchup problem. The days of old where the TE were just small offensive linemen who could catch are over. Getting a good … [Read more...]

Fantasy Focus: WR Rankings

By Josh Collacchi (@JCollacchiPFC) After you draft a few good RB's, you HAVE to have consistent WR's. It has been a downfall for a lot of fantasy owners over the years. So make sure you add some good ones! Here's a quick look at the top 30. 1. … [Read more...]

Fantasy Focus: RB Rankings

By Josh Collacchi (@JCollacchiPFC) The most key position in fantasy football was, is, and will be the running back. Having two or three good ones can carry you to a fantasy football championship. Here is a quick look at the top 25 RBs for the … [Read more...]

Fantasy Focus: QB Rankings

By Josh Collacchi (@JCollacchiPFC) With free agency in full swing, a lot of names are changing places, and a lot of offensive weapons are changing hands. The pieces that are always less likely to move are the QBs, especially the top flight fantasy … [Read more...]

Fantasy Football: It’s Never Too Early

It is never too early to start thinking about Fantasy Football, for example if you are not thinking about it now, you may not realize Jared Cook is a member of the Rams or Anthony Fasano is a member of the Chiefs. It could be draft day and you do not … [Read more...]

Fantasy Football Outlook: Free Agency Impacts

With the NFL Free Agency period beginning today, a lot of big names will be changing places and changing schemes. With this comes a change in fantasy value. For example, last year the Bengals signed RB Benjarvus Green-Ellis, who became their feature … [Read more...]

New Writer: Josh Collacchi

I am proud to be a part of the team as PFC's new Fantasy Football Writer. I'd like to introduce myself so you all can become familiar with my name before seeing it on the site! … [Read more...]