“We’ll Take It.” New York Jets Week One Victory Takes Heat Off Rex Ryan… For Now

For once, Rex Ryan was left speechless. Standing at the podium after Geno Smith engineered (with a lot of help from Tampa Bay Buccaneers linebacker Lavonte David) a shocking comeback victory, Rex stood flabbergasted. "Holy cow. Man.. … [Read more...]

Now What? The 2013 New York Jets Schedule Breakdown

One of my favorite clichés in sports radio is the host who, around the time of the NFL's over-the-top schedule release day, mockingly tells his audience that he won't go game-to-game down the schedule. Inevitably, in the months between that day and … [Read more...]

New York Jets: Mark Sanchez Faces The Start of His Ending

It appears that Mark Sanchez is about to lose his job as the New York Jets starting quarterback in the most Sanchezian way possible. Given full control the Jets offense for two-and-a-half quarters last Saturday, his main foil sidelined by injury, … [Read more...]

For the New York Jets, 2013 is Another Season of Running In Place

Of all the things the NFL does well -- and that list is long -- selling hope is probably what it does best.  The idea that your team is a tipped pass here, a made field goal there away from a playoff appearance. After all that, once you’re in, who … [Read more...]