Poll ranks Patriots as NFL's most 'badass' team

Five-time Super Bowl champions. Seven-time AFC champs. Fourteen-time AFC East champs. Now, Bill Belichick's Patriots have another title. NFL's most "badass" team. The Tampa Bay Times polled a panel of 43 NFL writers and asked them for the top three most "badass" teams and players in the NFL. MORE PATRIOTS Scout on Garappolo: "Bill thinks he has the next great one" To Tony Dungy, Brady's the sixth-best all-time QB  2007 vs. 2017:  The offensive line 2007 vs. 2017: The receivers  2007 vs. 2017: The front seven  The defending Super Bowl champion Patriots came out on top with 29 top-three votes.  Here's a sampling of the panelists' comments: "They keep winning in a league designed to discourage dynasties."

Source: Yahoo.com