It’s hard to avoid all those Tony Robbins, Tom Brady billboards. But who is this guy?

You’d have to drive around wearing a blindfold over your eyes not to notice them — the towering billboards that depict a screaming man in a microphone headset next to a cutout of New England Patriots star Tom Brady’s stubbly mug. “TONY ROBBINS TOM BRADY LIVE,” the billboards shout. There are so many of them, it seems, that even the most devout Brady fans are teetering on the line of annoyance and adoration. “I love TB12 and our New England Patriots,” one person wrote on Facebook, with a photo showing three of the signs within eyeshot. “But enough with the Tony Robbins / Tom Brady Billboards please.” So who exactlyis thisRobbins guy? And why is he sharing the stage on June 8 with the region’s