Cooks: No 'X' on the calendar for Week 2 matchup with the Saints

You could understand it if Brandin Cooks wasn't all that fond of the Saints.  New Orleans head coach Sean Payton went out of his way to tell the 23-year-old that the Saints weren't looking to trade him. Then when the Patriots offered their pick at the bottom of the first round of this year's draft, there was a change of heart.  "We spoke to a few teams, and we weren't in a position where we felt like, 'We gotta make this trade or else,' " Payton said during the NFC coaches breakfast at the Arizona Biltmore back in March. "It was the opposite, actually. I had a couple conversations with him, saying, 'This . . . isn't going to happen. We're not interested in just looking to do this.' "But when