Monster Keys to Patriots Bills

Monster Keys to Patriots Bills


Some people wrongly believe that the Superbowl is played once a year, in February. This is a myth a fairy tail told by writers of lesser understanding to the masses. I’m here to tell you now that the Superbowl is played three times a season. Once by the two teams left standing after sixteen regular season games and couple or three knock down drag out playoff victories. And twice a season played by the best team in the NFL the New England Patriots and what ever team Rex Ryan has conned his way into coaching. For the past few season that has been the Buffalo Bills. Year after year Rexy puts all his eggs in this one basket and with the exception of a win or two early in his Jets tenor Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have scrambled that basket full of eggs. Tom wont be under center this Sunday but Bill will be on the sideline holding that eggbeater. Here are my Monster Keys to Pats victory





Keep Jimmy Clean: I fully expect Garoppolo to be on the field and under center on Sunday. He knows this is going to be his last chance to shine before the GOAT returns on Monday morning. The Line has done a better than expected job to date. They will need to do an even better job on Sunday, as Rex will dial up the pressure on the youngster to see what he can handle.

1111 Amendola Bills


Don’t Play From Behind: this is a two-sided key, fist don’t play from behind the chains. Positive yards on early downs is a must Sunday afternoon the Patriots do not want to be in second and twelve third and eight situations where Rex can get exotic with his blitz packages and force three and outs. The second side of this key is the scoreboard. The Patriots have outscored their opponents 34-0 in the first quarter of games this season and that’s exactly what they want to do to this Bills team. Get out in front and force them to play catch up.



Win The Turnover Battle: I will never leave this key off my chain.




Roll That Blount: LeGarrette Blount leads the NFL in rushing. Let me say that again. LeGarrette Blount leads the NFL in rushing. WOW. Blount has 75 carries through three games you know what that tells me? Balance and commitment. And I say keep on keeping on.




Keep Legging it Out: Ryan Allen and the Punt team. Has pinned back every opponent the Pats have faced this season and forced them to drive the length of the field. The more territory you force teams to cover the more chances you have to take that ball away and exhaust their line and playmakers.



Contain and Corrupt: when the Bills do get the ball one of the most important things the Patriots D needs to do is contain Tyrod Taylor in the pocket. Bills new OC Anthony Lynn expanded the read option last week thus allowing Taylor to use his legs more. The cards weren’t prepared for this and Taylor burned them with his legwork.




Gaps and Edges: LeSean McCoy was back in Shady form last week. Running from deeper sets allowed him to see what was developing in front of him and freelance more.choosing to hit holes or bounce outside. The Pats need to fill the holes upfront and get to the edges quickly to keep McCoy in check and again force Taylor to throw the ball.




Don’t be Caught Off Guard: the Bills did a great job of mixing in no huddle last week. They didn’t run a lot of it but when they did they did it effectively. Turning big plays into explosive drives. Matt Patricia is going to need to have the right personnel on the field and that personnel is going to need to be ready for this.



That it folks. I don’t know about you but I love division games. Each win is a nail in the coffin of the loser and I hope Bill, Matt and Josh each take their swings at that nail and send the Bills back to Orchard Park with another Rex Superbowl Loss. Oh you want a prediction ? Okay

Pats 27

Bills 10

Sorry Bills Mafia

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