Monster Keys to Patriots Week 3

Monster Key to Patriots Texans


When I write I like to listen to music, its part of my process. Always has been, I thumb through my albums and sometimes I chose where I want to go, most times the music chooses me, Like tonight. Dark Side of the Moon just seemed to jump out at me, I saw the cover and heard the tracks start to play in my head before I even put the needle down, yes I listen to music the way God intended, on vinyl. In a way Patriots Nation is traveling to the dark side of the moon today. Brady is two games away from reentering Foxboro’s atmosphere, his understudy Jimmy Garoppolo is laid up with a bad shoulder and all eyes rest on the number three man on the depth chart QB Jacoby Brissett. But Bill can play this to his advantage, while everyone has raved at how much JG10 looks like TB12 under center, that cant be said about Brissett. No three QB’s could be more different. See were I’m going here? While Bill O’Brien has an intimate knowledge of the Patriot way but he has no idea what Bill may have  scripted for his Rookie QB. Welcome to the Dark Side of the Belichick Moon Mr. O’Brien. Here are my Monster Keys to Patriots Victory


Us and Them: Field Position is going to play a huge part in Thursdays game, for us it has to be great for them it needs to be down right awful. The Patriots have one of the best special teams units in the league. The Texicans ? Not so much. Bill and the ST unit need to pin them back at every opportunity. Make Brock drive the length of the field on every possession.


Time: Time of Possession, if you have the ball they cant score. Make no mistakes people the Texans have one of the most potentially explosive offences in the NFL. Keep the ball out of their hands and you don’t have issues the Patriots had in the second half against the Phish.


On the Run: speaking of T.O.P The Pats running game looked good last week, when they had to run the ball they did it and even when they didn’t look good they kept at it until they did. And in the second half when everyone in the stadium new they were lining up to run the ball on every snap they did it very well. Pound that rock baby.

Any Color you Like: except yellow. Limit the laundry this week NO FLAGS. Don’t give Houston short yardage and free sets of downs.

Money: Win the Turn over Battle; The Pats have put the ball on the carpet 6 times in two games. SIX times? This is not Patriots football. Osweiler has thrown 3 picks in two games and the Texans have 3 fumbles Go get the damn ball and hang onto it.


Breath: oxygen is important, and I can see a lot of Patriots Nation holding their breath on Thursday Night. The Defense can help us all breath a bit easier by making the Texicans buy getting back and limiting the deep balls and owning the Red Zone, Make Houston settle for 3’s


Eclipse: you cant run the ball on every down (RIP Chuck Knox) I want to see the Patriots receivers bunched and stacked up with a ton of movement out of these formations, get Edelman and Amen-Dola crossing over one another’s patterns underneath, confuse the Texicans to move the chains.


Brain Damage: the trenches are going to be brutal Thursday night; everyone and I mean EVERYONE is going to have to get helmets on helmets. Houston has 9 sacks in the first two games. Give Jacoby time. And push the pocket back into Osweiler’ face.


That’s it folks those are my Keys to Thursday night. And if the Pats turn each one I know we can get to that Great Gig In The Sky 3-0. Deep Respect to anyone who realized I used the track listings off Dark Side of The Moon to make each of my points.


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