Monster Keys To Patriots Week 2


I hate to say I told you so…. Yea who am I kidding I love to say I told you so, and you know it, you’re smart people that’s why you come here. LOVE IT. So I told you so, I told you that if the Pats took my keys they would open the locks they needed to be 1-0 , and they did just that, Belichick and McDaniel’s game planed perfectly and Jimmy memorized every play, the only thing I was wrong about was having to win the turnover battle, as the pats overcame two turnovers that turned into two touchdowns and still came out of the desert with a 23-21 victory. So we did it once lets do it again. Here are my Monster Keys to Patriots victory.


Establish the Run Early:   The Pats were very well balanced last week Bill and Josh are going to have to stay directly on that beam Sunday. The Dolphins can and will bring pressure with just four guys. The pats need to run draw plays and allow holes to open up for Blount to bust up to the second level. And set up play action.


Own Third Down: again this isn’t rocket science, if you own third down on both sides of the ball you win more ball games, last week the pats moved the chains on 63% of their third down plays. While holding the Cardinals to just 50% that tune is going to need to be sung again against the Phins this week, get into short yardage situations and convert.


Win the turn over battle: Yea I’m not kidding this time,


Foster Floridian for First Downs: yea okay that was lame and most of the time so is Arian Foster but not this week, Foster is healthy he didn’t have a great week one but it was solid and I expect Dolphins coach Adam Gase to use Foster more in the passing game this week, this line backing core is going to need to be quick to the edge and Safeties are going to need be in wrap up mode again.


Bust the seams: I don’t know who is going to be out there as a TE this week but I know none of them are will be Rob Gronkowski. They can’t be wasted blocking all day long for Jimmy G get these guys lose and running down field give Jimmy another weapon to use.


Force Tannehill’s Hand: Any man who looks like Ryan Tannehill and has a wife as fine as Ryan Tannehill’s is diluted into thinking he can do anything. Get up early and force Tannehill to throw the ball, sooner or later he will do something very stupid.   Like throw a pick six.


That’s it folks again a pretty simple game plan hey its beating the Phish At Home, that’s what the Patriots do.


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