Monster Keys to Patriots Cardinals



If I told you I thought the Patriots would finish 2016 season 11-5 would you hold it against me? Not an unreasonable number to come to considering the Pats are without the greatest ball player in history, have virtually no “ Stars “ on their roster and play in a division where every game played between rivals is in essence their opponents Superbowl. Facing the NFC west and AFC North is more daunting than you might think. 11-5 would be the Pats worst record since 2009. It will win the Division and this season you’ll take it and like it. Here are My Monster Keys to Week One.


Keep it Simple Stupid:   How do you do that? Keep doing what you know, what you do best. What do the Patriots do best? Chuck The Ball. While most are going to say establish the run, pound-pound-pound away, lets get real here, that’s not Patriots football that’s not the offense Jimmy Garoppolo has been immersed in over the past two plus seasons. Drop Jimmy back and let him get the ball out quick. He can do it he has the capabilities. What you saw in the pre-season is not the ultimate barometer of what Garoppolo can do.


Jumbo Up Son Jumbo Up: There are more tight ends on this roster than in your last SI Swimsuit issue. Use Them. Using multiple tight end sets to both protect Garoppolo and create confusion with the Arizona defense is a huge key to stealing this game, we need to see a healthy dose of every one of the four, (Jesus Four) Tight Ends used Sunday and used well.


Keep it Respectable: while this team CANT win a ground and pound this or any week they have to be able to run the ball some, make the Cards respect the threat, ~ whispers~

Run at Jones


Keep it fresh keep it Bumping: no not the tunes the Patriots D-backs the Patriots defensive backfield is DEEP, lost in the hype that is the patriots front are the twelve almost interchangeable parts that the Hoodie has at his disposal in the defensive backfield, right out of the gate they will be all hands on deck as the Cards have huge physical receivers across the field. Wearing down opponents is the name of their game and the Pats D-Backs are going to need to bump these wide-outs off their routes and mess up the timing of Carson Palmer. Allow the superstars to get in his face. Keep these guys fresh and beating back Fitzgerald, Brown and Floyd. Or they will end up beating you.


Quitters Quit: Carson Palmer is a quitter. That’s it, there’s no other way to describe him. Get in his face put pressure on him and he gives up and throws bad balls. The Pats need to force this situation Sunday night.


Keep it one-dimensional: I hear you people. My psychic columnists abilities are in mid-season form so I hear you. You want to know Murph you didn’t talk about Stopping David Johnson, folks you’re not going to stop David Johnson. But you need to slow him down. The weak underbelly of this cardinal’s team is the O-Line. The guys up front need to shed their blocks and keep Johnson from getting to the second level, Hightower Collins and Co need to be there to fill those gaps and edges need to be set. Don’t let the Cardinals running game move the chains.


Win The Turnover Battle: finally we get to IT. Yes as always here we are, you win this battle you win the game you go in and steal a game you probably should come up sort on. Jimmy and the boys need to take care of business and not turn the ball over, equally as important is the Pats D getting into Palmers and getting Jimmy short fields to work with.


That’s it folks, there are my Keys to Patriots week one victory. Lets hope the pats turn each one and come home 1-0




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