Chris Long Stands Out In #Patriots Third Preseason Game

When Chris Long signed with the Patriots back in March we knew the move had boom or bust potential.

Last Friday night vs Carolina we saw the “boom” side first hand.

Long performed like the player we have seen when healthy in the past, and Pats fans have reason to be excited about the new #95.

We saw a lot of this when Long rushed the passer on Friday night. Here, he pushes starting RT Mike Remers right back into Cam Newton. Poor Remers, who also got whiped by Von Miller in the Super Bowl, had a tough time blocking Long. Long showed a great motor in this game, and his effort on this play leads to the Trey Flowers sack.

The Panthers tried to block Long on this run play with a tight end.. He draws a holding call on Ed Dickson. When the Panthers weren’t holding him, Long did a nice job of setting the edge.

Here is the play that has been talked about a lot. The Patriots love to confuse opposing quarterbacks by dropping their edge defenders into coverage. Long drops back and has his eyes glued on Cam Newton. He makes the pass deflection that leads to the interception.

Although Long did his best work rushing the passer, he also made some plays in the running game. Here, Long really blows up the run play despite not being credited with the tackle. The Panthers tried to block Long a few times in the run game with tight ends, on this play it’s 2nd-year TE Scott Simonson.

#95 almost gets to Cam here. Long stunts inside to the hole between the center and left guard, and never gives up on chasing Newton. Newton ends up throwing the ball high and off his back foot due to Long’s pressure up the middle.

It’s just one preseason game, but what we saw from Chris Long on Friday night was very promising.

Most importantly, he’s healthy, and a great fit in the Patriots defense.