My 2016 Monster Patriots Draft


Lets get one thing straight…I am not here to mock up any damn thing. Nope I am done trying to tell you or Bill where to pick who when where or bloody how. I’m finished, no one can predict what Bill Belichick will have for breakfast never mind what he will do on draft day, so why should I continue to try? It’s an exorcise in futility. I’ve spent hundreds dare I say thousands of hours pouring over tape, reading scouting reports, watching pro-days and combines and have checked wonderlic numbers and depth charts , and for what? Just to be disappointed that he traded down or ignored my advise because he didn’t like TY Hiltons three cone time? Forget it, we are moving on. So without further ado, here’s what the Patriots should but probably won’t do in this years draft.


RD 2 Pick 60

La’Raven Clark: Senior OT Texas Tech


Yes my rabid readers we are going to start this draft out addressing what I feel is the Patriots biggest need and Clark fills the bill. La’Raven was Freshman All American Guard his first year at Tech before moving out side making himself into an all-Big Twelve Left Tackle two straight seasons, Hello Versatility. There are a few technique issues but nothing that “Scar” cant fix. Not Sexy but you want him on that wall you need him on that wall


Rd 2 Pick 61

Kentrell Brothers: Red Shirt Senior ILB Missouri

Brothers is the best ILB in this draft not named Reggie Gagland. This kid is a football genius, reads the play as well as anyone I’ve seen at this level, breaks to the ball as fast as anyone in this draft and wrapping up ball carriers and dragging them to the turf seems to be his favorite pastime. As evidence; more than 120 tackles in each of the past two seasons. I love Red Shirt Seniors, I really do…Red Shirts are more mature, smarter and better prepped for the next level. This kid is a steal at 61.


Rd 3 Pick 91

Kenyon Drake: Senior RB Alabama

Drake – yes the other RB from Bamma. No slight against Derrick Henry but this is the man I want and the spot I want him in.   He is super quick with explosive ability. He is patient and allows holes to open before darting through them to the second level. Drake can also bounce outside and posses amazing hands that Bill and Josh will use in the passing game. Yes I know you all want a bruising-pounding between the tackles guy, forget about it. Blake is the man for the job opening in New England. This kid is not just a third down back, He’s Not a Duck He’s a Drake.



Third RD Pick 96

Kyle Murphy: Senior OT Stamford

But Murph you just went OT in RD 2…yup, and now I’m going back. If Murphy is here you want him. He was second team Pack 12 as a RT in his Jr. year and first team in his Sr. His strength is in the passing game, but don’t overlook his ability to drive block for runners. He sees the field while not losing sight of the job in front of him shedding off one pass rusher to pick up a blitzing LB as well as anyone you will find in this spot of the draft. DEPTH people the Pats need depth…



Forth/Fifth Rd: Hell I don’t know where. The Pats have five sixth rd picks in this draft to play with and I fully expect them to trade back up into the bottom of the forth or top of the fifth with them. The player I want them to grab:


Cyrus Jones: Senior CB Alabama

Hell yeah Roll Tide – Cyrus Jones is my 2016 woobie. He started his career at Bamma as a WR but was moved to the other side of the ball as a Sophomore so he is behind the curve with most other senior CB’s, but I don’t care. He’s short…I don’t care. He’s handsey…I don’t care. He’s aggressive, he tackles through the ball carrier and plays the game smart. Jones is learning and getting better with ever snap he sees. Also is a good special teamer returning four punts for TD as a senior.



That’s it folks, that’s as deep as I’m going this year. After the Murphy pick there is just too much moving and shaking to get a read on anything else that Pats might do. Will they take a shot at Navy stand out Keenan Reynolds – probably. Will we get to hear another Rutgers name called for a trip up RT 95? You bet. But I’m not going to bore you with all that. And to be honest it’s just five or six more aggravating opportunities for me to chance tossing yet another flat screen out the window, so I’ll leave you with this.


Enjoy the draft people.


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