Monster Keys To Patriots vs. Chiefs


Monster Keys To Patriots vs. Chiefs



Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”


Mike Tyson



That line is probably one of the most profound things ever said. Be it: War – Politics – Law or yes, in its original context sports. Once it happens you’re going to know if your plan will either work or Buster Douglas is taking home the belt. I can’t think of a team in the NFL who has been punched in the mouth this season more than The New England Patriots. And yet this team and its coach always has another plan, it may not always work out, we may not always like it or even see it, but its there. You know like Bigfoot. The plan that coach Belichick has had in mind over the past three weeks is about to unfold, that wasn’t a typo three weeks. Anyway here’s my plan A for Saturday.


Get Chippy: no not the way the Steelers and Bungles did last week, you know me better than that. The Pats need to line up tight on the Chiefs receivers, disrupt Smiths timing as they try to get to the middle of the field and limit any YAC, this key is even more important when it comes to TE Travis Kelce.


Win the Turnover battle. This week people and every week. I’ll settle for a big fat doughnut in the box score Sunday morning.


Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do: you know what I wouldn’t do? Get caught up field and let Alex Smith beat me with his legs. The D line needs to take a page out of last years Super Bowl victory, get to Smiths level and don’t let him double back through an open hole or get wide to pick up extra downs. Fat guys – stay in your lanes.


Get up quick. Get up Big: Punch KC in the mouth. This Chiefs team is not built to come from behind. If Tom can manage to get up 10 or 14 early, and help our D make them one-dimensional – all the better … hey two keys in one how about THAT.


Unleash the Beast: for the past few weeks Gronk has been held in check, not by opposing defenses, but by game plan. It’s time to let Gronk be Gronk. Let him work up the middle of the field and chew up the KC DB’s … I’m not buying the knee/back story. It’s Rest.


Edelman Amendola and LaFell – Oh My: anyone remember the last time we saw these three on the felid at the same time? Spread them out – spread them thin and get Mr. White involved. Get Keshawn to take the top off and drag corners downfield and out of the middle. I want these KC DB’s scratching their heads and asses…This is going to be fun!


That’s it my rabid readers. I know you’re saying to yourself, what do you mean that’s it? Murph you didn’t address the Running games – what about the running games? Listen, all I want from the Pats running game this week is the tough 2-3 yards to get that first and move the chains.   That’s all I’m asking. As for shutting down the Chiefs rushing attack, Jones, Hightower and Mayo need to get to the edge quick on the cutesy end rounds and sweeps KC loves to use. Okay happy now? Did I leave anything out? .Good.



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