Happy New Year!!!

I know, I know…It’s almost 2 weeks into the new year, but that’s OK.  My friends in Detroit who are regular consumers of sports talk radio know that there is a personality who likes to say (read:  yell)  “HAPPY NEW YEAR!!” until at least July. I’m invoking the Wojo clause and calling the post Happy New Year.  So there.


When I last left my friends at Pro Football Central, the fighting Lions from Detroit were a putrid 1-7, and Martha Firestone Ford came through and made some drastic changes by firing president Tom Lewand and GM Martin Mayhew.  Mrs. Firestone Ford showed the world (read: The Detroit Lions HQ in Allen Park, MI) that she is ready to put together a winning team for the fans.  Personally, I’m still in shock that she actually spoke to the media.  And that she traveled with the team to New Orleans.  And again to freezing cold Soldier Field in Chicago.  And spoke with the team after a game.  These are things that her husband, the late William Clay Ford rarely did.   I won’t speculate as to why he rarely did it, he just didn’t.  Since Mrs. Ford started to make changes, the team then finished up the season 6-2 to finish 7-9 and 3rd in the division.  Had there been a couple of different officiating calls, that record could be different, but I digress.  That was so 2015.

Not only was the team winning more, Mrs. Ford also hired a new team president and GM. Rod Wood Rod Wood was hired to be the team president, and Bob Quinn was hired a few days ago as the new GM.  Lions fans everywhere are (I think) applauding these decisions.  OK…they were a little more hesitant with their applause with the hire of Rod Wood, but on Twitter at least, there was a giant standing ovation, and maybe even a slow clap or two for the hiring of Bob Quinn.  Why are these such good things?

Most people from the outside view the Lions as a horrible franchise.  Probably just a step up from the Cleveland Browns.  But I don’t know, because quite frankly, the Cleveland Browns never went 0-16.  But at the same time, the Lions don’t change coaching staffs or QBs, as frequently as the Browns do.  Either way…you get it.  The Lions are a tragedy, wrapped in futility.  And they waste talent.  But that’s another story for another day (*ahem* CJ 81).  So when Mrs. Ford comes through and is starting to make changes, the fan base was sort of excited, because for years there were no changes.  The fact that Mrs. Ford brought on Rod Wood, who was essentially the Ford family’s financial adviser made some people a little nervous.  Again, hiring from inside the family, so to speak.  Someone who has been around this whole futile mess the entire time.   However he ran the Ford family Estate.  Something totally separate from the Lions franchise. And last time I checked the Ford Family was doing pretty OK for themselves.   It sort of makes sense to hire someone who knows the dynamics of the family, but is also looking at the franchise with a fresh set of eyes.  They have also gone to several well recognized NFL advisers to help as well.    All of which is good, because the NFL is sort of quirky, and you gotta learn the ropes.  However, I have a little bit of faith that he’ll be passable as a president.  But, to be fair, the role is a little more hands off from the day to day football operations, but still plays a role. Mrs. Ford I do believe made a decent choice with this hire.


Now their next hire, GM Bob Quinn, who looks like someone I may or may not have gone to high school with.Bob Quinn

This one Mrs. Ford showed why she is who she is. Mr. Quinn represents the first GM hire from outside the organization in more than 50 years.  50. Years.  What’s that definition of insanity again?  Something about doing the same thing but expecting different results?  Not only did she hire outside of the organization, he came from the New England Patriots.  A pretty decent franchise, if you ask me.  An organization that knows how to win.  Which is the opposite of the Lions.  Quinn was the director of Pro Scouting for New England, and if I’m not mistaken, did a pretty good job.  Now he gets a chance to show what he can do with a team that, lets face it, has the talent to be great, but for whatever reason can’t translate that to wins on the field.   Bringing in fresh ideas from an outside organization could potentially be just what this team needs.


It is a Happy New Year indeed.


Thank you Mrs. Ford