Peyton Manning HGH and Alphabet Soup



Lets get one thing straight – I don’t care if Peyton Manning took HGH back in 2011…I don’t care if he walks around the Broncos locker room with an IV bag of human growth hormone every other day. This subject matters about as much to me as the latest soccer scores that are tweeted across my timeline. You may care, you may think it’s cheating and that’s fine. I don’t. That’s not what this tiny rant is about. So you’re asking, what are we here for Murph? I can hear you – you’re asking. Well I’ll let you know. We are here because of the complete double standard that Peyton Manning is granted not only to Tom Brady but also to every single player in the history of the NFL.


So what is it? What makes Peyton and by extension his little brother so special? Why did the silver spooned Manning who never sat a minute of his football life from Pop Warner on to the Pro’s get a pass on Draft day when he was accused and settled sexual assault charges out of court while at Tennessee? That’s easy – Talent. While other QB’s across the decades have fallen in drafts because of greater transgressions like rumors of smoking weed, or instagram pictures at frat parties – you know, the things college kids do – Peyton still went number one. He was the can’t miss once in a generation QB who, even though he has more first round exits from the playoffs than any other QB in history and just one Superbowl title to his name, has lived up to that moniker. But that was then and this is now. Manning is at the end of his illustrious career – spirals that once found their way into the hands of future hall of fame wide outs have turned into fluttering ducks that find their way into the hands of apposing defensive backs. MVP seasons and Superbowl titles are a thing of the past. So why are the Alphabet Soup groups still defending the GREAT WALL OF MANNING while ripping apart the good name of Tom Brady – a man who worked for every second of playing time he ever received at every level he played?


Simple – ESPN, FOX, CBS, NBC and The NFL Network itself are now all in their own recruiting battle for Manning’s services. You see this is the end for Peyton, and while clicks from trumped up Tom Brady controversy feed these monsters and fill their coffers they know when Tom hangs it up (five years from now) he will ride off into a Brazilian sunset with The Bundchen. Not a bad way to go out. While the cash cow from Peyton on the other hand isn’t in point and click stories on their web pages, that’s too short sighted. It will be where Manning chooses to plant his butt for the next ten or twenty years. So why would you piss him off now when you want him to put you and your network on top of the ratings mountain?


Peyton is beloved and, for the most part he should be. Past transgressions be damned, he is one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever take the field. And to have his adoring throng tune in to your Sunday pre and post game shows is the W in the Alphabet Soup Bowl.


So there’s your answer my friends. What’s the difference…why the double standard? The same thing it always has been and always will be — The Bottom Line.


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