Monster Keys to Pats vs Jets

Rob Ninkovich


“Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more”

Bill S



Or close the wall up with our Patriots Dread. You didn’t think I was going to get through this season without borrowing from the great one did you? I thought with a trip to Jersey to meet Gang Green it seemed appropriate. There has been a ton of talk this week about rest and relaxation about bye weeks in the Patriots back pocket and who people do and don’t want to meet in the playoffs. Yes it’s been a banner week for the talking heads. You all know me; this isn’t your first time pointing and clicking on one of my links. I’m not about that. I’m here to show you how the Patriots should go once more; I’m here to teach them how to war. Here are my Keys to the Patriots taking home a W on Sunday and home field throughout the playoffs.


Sling It: way back in week seven the Pats rushed the ball a grand total of FIVE times against the Jets. That was with a healthy LeGarrette Blunt. The flip side to this was Brady tossing for 355 yards and two scores. I realize Edelman, Amendola and LaFell all live with the scarlet Q next to their names on this weeks practice report, but this is still the best way to attack this Jets D.


Total White Out: over the last three games James White has racked up 236 yards and three scores. One of those scores and 12 of those yards came running the ball; see where I’m going here? James White has Tom Brady’s trust and with Gronk on the field he has had the space to make things happen. Hit this kid early and often, out of the backfield or dare i say from the slot. Let the play-maker make plays.


Don’t Settle: not in life and not for field goals. Go Get SIX.


Keep Tom Upright: pretty simple – without Amendola, Brady will need more time to let White, LaFell and Martin to get enough separation where he feels comfortable letting it fly. One Mississippi Two Mississippi won’t be enough.


Expose Fitz-Magic: there are no real tricks here people; the magic is in the Jets allowing Fitzpatrick a clean pocket to operate in. Bill needs to get creative in coming at the Jets QB from different angles early. Find that weak spot in the Jets line and exploit it they way they did in Houston.




Quick to the Powell: or is that ball – no it’s Powell. Since week 11, Bilal Powell has seen his workload increase week by week and like our own Mr. White, Mr. Powell has made the most of every opportunity. Collins, Mayo and the DB committee are going to need to be quick to pick him up and put him down.


Win the Turnover battle: this week more than any.


That’s it folks, you may notice I didn’t mention the Jets combo of Marshall and Decker, they will get theirs no matter what I say. The Pats need to put points on the board this week to get out of Jersey with a W. Take care of business Sunday and home crowd advantage is yours.


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