Monster Keys to Patriots vs Titians

Go Go Godzilla


If there were a theme song to this Patriots season it would undoubtedly be the theme song to M.A.S.H. it seems every week a new set of casualties is air lifted or trucked off to the field hospital at Gillette, Last week Dominique Easley and LeGarrette Blount were added to the now two page list of players currently lost for the season and while Devin McCourty wont be getting his ticket home from the war, he will need a few weeks in recovery before being sent back to the front. To think that this team with everything it’s gone through injury wise is still in the position they are (Atop the AFC) is nothing short of amazing. But enough of that, the Pats have another hill to take Sunday, here are my Keys


End Every Punt with an Amen-Dola : I am done with this experiment of letting unproven guys try to return punts. Return, please how about just field punts. Stick Amendola back there and have him fair catch all day. I don’t want him to take a step (yes my rabid readers if you didn’t know it Danny has been playing hurt for weeks) Danny just catch the ball.


Pass to set up the Run: don’t confuse this KEY with a lack of confidence in Brandon Bolden or James White, but when you have just two healthy running backs you want to make sure you keep them that way. Pounding either of these two into the line twenty plus times is not the recipe for a win on Sunday or the long term. Use the passing game to get the Titians D on their heels and set up these two for success. And good health.



Exploit the Middle:   the soft underbelly if this Titians D is in the defensive backfield, and the soft underbelly of that crew is in the middle of the field. Use Gronk, Amendola, White and LaFell across the middle Sunday to move the chains.


Dog, Walker: no I’m not talking about taking your best friend out for a stroll at half time. I’m talking about hounding Titians TE Delaine Walker. With Kendall Wright most likely shelved again this week Walker will be Marcus Mariota’s go to when times get tough, and times will get tough. Disrupt Walker off the line of scrimmage and give who ever is on him some help over the top. Shut Walker down and you take away a quarter of the Titians offense.


Win the Turnover battle: hey if I didn’t put it here, Bill wouldn’t make it a point

That’s all folks, this test should not be a difficult one for the Pats to Ace, then again we all thought that about the Eagles just two weeks ago. Finally lets get through a game healthy, the last thing I want to hear on Sunday is Radar O’Riley yelling Choppers


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