Monster Keys to Patriots Texans





Make no mistake people, I find losing two straight unacceptable – intolerable and down right offensive. But the blame is being put on the wrong people its being placed in an erroneous manor. The talking heads are wrong. It isn’t game planning, it isn’t injuries to key personnel it isn’t muffed punts – missed assignments or sub-moronic onside pooch kicks. And it certainly isn’t pick sixes tossed into double coverage in the end zone. No the blame doesn’t sit on Brady, Belichick or this feeble offensive line. It’s on me. Yes my friends put this on my shoulders. I took two weeks off and what happened to the Patriots? Two losses. One to an ostensibly rookie quarterback and one to a pathetic excuse of an Eagles franchise that has been run into the ground by a megalomaniac who fancies himself a football guru, Well that’s the last time I do that. I promise. I wont let you down again. Here are my Keys to Patriots Victory

Win the Early Downs: “ Fat Drink and Stupid is no way to go through life son “ Dean Vernon Wormer said that to Flounder in Animal House, well the equivalent of Fat, Drunk and Stupid on a football field is continuously being stuck at second and nine and third and seven. This is the hole the Patriots have relentlessly dug themselves, converting on third down is damn near impossible no matter who you have on the field with this much real-estate to make up on every possession, get it done early.


Hey Fat Guys, Block The Fat Guys: it was just a few short weeks ago that we were all singing the praises of OL coach Dave Deguglielmo, well that choir has gone silent. “Gug” needs to get these kids on the same page and blocking as a team, Brady has spent far too much time on his backside of late. Keep Tom upright, all im asking for is three seconds.


Win the turnover battle: can’t win if you’re giving the ball away EVERY OTHER PLAY,


Commit:   Early last week I thought Josh McDaniels was finally getting it. Blount up the middle for five Blount up the middle for nine, Scatter in a touch for Brandon Bolden for three, back to Blount for ten. Then what happened? Abandonment. Again the Pats went away from the run and Tom took another beating, this week I want to see some good old-fashioned Ground Chuck type running attack.


Harass Hoyer: seems simple enough doesn’t it? Get in Jeds face and make him get rid of the ball quick, This Texacans team likes to let plays develop downfield and beat you deep, helping out the DB’s by getting consistent pressure on Hoyer is the ticket to not getting beat on a long play or three.


That’s it folks as I said up top, don’t blame the Hoodie don’t blame Tom or McDaniels don’t cast stones at the special teams or the cheerleaders. It was all on me. Sorry I let you all down…



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