The AFC EAST Fantasy Breakdown: Week Nine





Week Nine? When the hell did that happen? That’s right people week nine, time fly’s when you’re having fun and what could be more fun than laying your league to waste? Damned if I know. What I do know is there is a full slate of games and points to be had from top ten and twenty options in the AFC East this weekend. And I’m here to point you in the right direction to keep you on top of the standings or help you claw your way back into a playoff spot. So lets Break It Down,


NY Jets: the Jets are home to Jacksonville and that means one thing, start your Jet engines.


Ryan Fitzpatrick QB2: yea I know Fitzy let you down last week when you needed him most, but to be fair his non-throwing thumb had just been bent back ninety degrees the wrong way. This week he’s facing a Jags D that in their last two contests have given up close to 600 yards and 5 scores to Brain Hoyer and EJ Manuel. If you need him roll with Fitzy 19 points.


Jets Wide Outs: yes I’m putting both Marshall and Decker in the same spot this week because they are both week nine WR 2’s. Marshall has been held out of the end-zone 2 weeks in a row but he keeps racking up 100 yard games, I think the former changes this week but so does the latter…. 12 points. As for Decker he keeps finding ways to score: five TD’s in the six games he has played in this year…. 9 points this Sunday.


Chris Ivory Flex : Ivory is a top 5 fantasy back so you would think he should be ranked higher than a flex but he has just 58 rushing yards in his past two games, I’m expecting a bounce back from him but temper expectations against an underrated Jags rush D that has only given up rushing scores in two contests this season. 8 points


Bills v Dolphins: Lets call this the last nail in the coffin game shall we. Yes halfway through the season and both of these franchises are fighting to just convince themselves its still relevant. Sometimes that’s enough..


Tyrod Taylor QB2: Taylor has declared himself ready to go and that’s good news for fantasy players who are searching for an answer at QB, Miami’s D is a fraud and their pass D has given up eight TD in the last three weeks. Welcome back Mr. Taylor 20 points.

LeSean McCoy RB2: did you see what Dion Lewis did to Miami last week ? I did, so did Rex. Expect McCoy to see a steady diet of passes thrown his way and watch him exploit these Dolphins linebackers all afternoon. 10 points

Sammy Watkins WR 2: Watkins has a question mark next to his name but he was running with the first team on Thursday so I’m expecting him to be in there Sunday and hungry. 8 points

Robert Woods Flex: you don’t own him, I know but this week maybe you should. With so few options on the wire and so many players dropping onto IR Woods could save your bacon this week. 7 points


Ryan Tannehill QB2: in the dolphins first match up with the Bills Tannehill tossed two TD’s and three INT’s. This kid just doesn’t learn. 19 points

Lamar Miller RB1: Miller was shit down by the patriots last week but he has four scores in his last three games and had put up back to back 100 yard performance before running into the Patriots buzz saw last week. 13 points.

Jarvis Landry WR 1: I’m not sure how Landry is doing it but he just keeps doing it, with double digit efforts in all but one contest this season he has proven himself to be a consistent force in any format. 12 points

Rishard Mathews Flex: remember what I said about Robert Woods? It goes for Mathews as well, Buffalo likes to give up scores to opposing wide receivers so why wouldn’t Mr. Mathews keep on trucking this week? 8 points


Patriots vs Redskins:   the Redskins have had two weeks to get ready for their trip to New England, and you know what that means people. Yea just start every-damn-body. Every patriot you own in fact go pick up Danny Amendola and Jojo LaFell while you’re at it.

Tom Brady QB Maximus: at thirty-eight years old Tom Brady is the most lethal weapon in fantasy. Averaging 33 points a contest, even flirting with 40 on several occasions. I expect that flirtation to happen again Sunday at one pm. 36 points,

LeGarrette Blount Flex: Washington has given up just three rushing TD’s all season, what they have gotten into the habit of doing is giving up huge chunks of yardage. 156-190-185 in their last three games, two of those three scores have come in these contests as well. Don’t worry if Blount doesn’t see much of the field in the first half, by the end of the day he will give you 9 points

Dion Lewis RB1 : Here is the reason for Blunts slow start. Lewis is averaging 11 points a contest, add those 11 points to the bye week he’s already had and the week he missed with a sore tummy and he is a top five fantasy back. 13 points.

Julian Edelman WR1: Edelman Is TB12’s favorite option, and when you’re the favorite option of the best quarterback in fantasy your good fortune is our good fortune, there is no one on this Redskins team keeping Edelman from sharing his Lotto winnings with us all Sunday 13 points.


Brandon LaFell Flex: this offence drops back and throws the ball more than any other in the NFL, they cant all go Edelman’s way. LaFell will continue to see more targets and as the rust shakes off the points will add up. 7 points


Rob Gronkowski: owning Gronk is like having Bingo every time. 13 points


That’s it folks, a full slate of games and talents to choose from, I hope ive put some of your fears to rest. Shed some light on a few options you might not have thought of and helped you toss some shade your opponents way on Sunday.


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