Monster Keys to Patriots vs Redskins

Dion Lewis


Are the Pats on to 8-0 my fiends? I don’t know, what I do know is they are on to week nine of the 2015 season with a great chance at doing just that. The Redskins come to town finding Tom Brady and company laying waste to opposing defenses. And no matter how hard the good folks over at the Four Letter Network try to tell you he sits firmly atop the Quartbacking Mountain, TB12 is king of the hill and he’s daring anyone to knock him off. Are the Skins up to that task is the question. Can they keep up with what might be the most diverse offense the NFL has seen in a decade? Can they score enough on this vastly underrated Patriots defense to keep it close and catch a lucky break? Or will they be just the next team crushed underfoot as Godzilla marches towards San Francisco? That was fun, wasn’t it? Here are my Keys to the Pats getting to 8-0


Get Out Fast: The Skins are coming off their bye and are feeling rested, hungry and prepared for this match up, Brady and his boys need to get out fast, take the wind right out of Washington’s sails and get them chasing the scoreboard.


Kicking Cousins: I don’t know about you but I’m not kissing Kirk. Cousins has nine turnovers in seven contest this season, eight of those are INT’s tossing multiples in fours games, like last week against Miami force this game into Cousins hands and wait for him to make a mistake.


Win the turnover battle: Speaking of mistakes. Lets not make any, the Patriots have just three turnovers on the season, I would like to see that number not rise. It’s inevitable that this will happen (or is it) but lets not give Washington any extra chances to keep it close.


Don’t lose track of The Frenchmen: a lot will be made of the return of DeSean Jackson and rightfully so, but lets not forget that he isn’t the only weapon at the Redskins disposal. With Jackson back and demanding attention Garcon could give this secondary trouble. Don’t let Pierre beat you across the middle on those short to mid range crossing routes.


Get the Skins Thin: I’m done people; truly I’m done asking Josh McDaniel’s and Brady to run the damn ball. Spread out this Washington D go empty backfield every down I don’t care I’m just going to enjoy the video game. Run it up through the air. Painful, because Blount could go off Sunday and i would rather watch that.


That’s it folks, it’s a short but important shopping list for the Hoodie and his minions to follow this week, there’s a tough stretch coming up here and the home games left of the schedule after Sunday are few and far between, so lets get this win and send everyone at Gillette home happy.


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