Seahawks Off-Week: What to Do?

Congratulations, Seattle Seahawks fan. You have made it through half-a-season. As the players get a few days off to travel, spend time with family and friends, or do whatever, then you also have the opportunity to do the same thing. You have a week-and-a-half free. You have time to pamper yourself, rest up, improve your life or someone else’s and then you get back to being the best 12 you can be. Here are several suggestions that will help you make it through the off-week.

Get a Massage

There is a perfect place to do this in Seattle. Laura Nelson, who has been in practice for several years and is a graduate of the esteemed Brian Utting School of Massage, is amazing at what she does. She will assist with any pain you are having and your life will simply be better by just going to see her. What better way to prepare for rooting the Hawks on in the final eight games of the regular season than to learn how to relax? Get a massage and be happy. Go to and make an appointment. It is totally worth it.


Have a Sunday Outting

This is Seattle, of course. You could go somewhere and drop lots of money and still have a bad time. The place you should go is El Chupacabra Mexican restaurant in South Lake Union. But wait, there is more. The most perfect time to go to El Chupacabra is when Eric Neely is tending bar. Want your drinks made well and from someone who is full of personality? Eric is your guy. Plus, the tacos at El Chupacabra are awesome! The restaurant can be found at 6523 21st Ave., NE #3, Seattle 98115.

Get Some Exercise/Visit Green Lake

This one may be something you have done several times, but it is much more difficult to do when you have no energy left because of all the cheering of the Seahawks: run around Green Lake. If you have not been to Green Lake in a while, the loop around has been a bit redone and is 2.8-miles. Go around twice and then go to the Starbucks on the corner (and wait…and wait…and wait in line). Just be careful of the naked man in the water or the weird guy trying to snap photos close-up of your female friends.

Make Your Home Better with Some Art

Seattle is full of great artists, both musical and visual. Joshua Monuteaux does both well, especially his crazy good art. Like this one…


…or this one…


These are just two of many remarkable pieces by Joshua. You should get one of your own. Like, today. You can find his work at galleries sometimes or on his Facebook page all the time. Do it. Like, now.

Go to a Museum

You know how it is when you live somewhere: you get so caught up in living life that you can miss out on the wonder that is around you. This would be a great weekend to visit a museum. There are tons of very good ones in Seattle, like the Museum of History and Industry, Nordic Heritage Museum, just to name two. Take the kids or a friend, get out of the house and get to know your culture better.

seattle childrens

Pull a Russell Wilson

You will have spent most of the week and a half doing things for yourself, even if those things are good in most ways. Now it is time for you to do something for someone else. Every Tuesday morning Wilson visits the Seattle Children’s Hospital. Every Tuesday morning. Why not take a few hours out of your week-and-a-half and visit these children yourself? Read them a book, sit with a family member, volunteer to do something at the hospital. Don’t do this because Wilson does it or because it will make you feel better about yourself. Go help at the hospital because it is the right thing to do.

Once the week-and-a-half is up it is time to drag back on your Seahawks jersey, put your face-paint back on and go out with the others 12s to help the Seahawks beat the Arizona Cardinals on the 15th. The week and a half off will have been enlightening, but if the Seahawks beat the Cardinals the football season will suddenly be much brighter.