Monster Keys to Patriots Jets




Lets get a few things straight before we get into the X’s and O’s of this weeks match up. I hate the Jets. Most teams the Patriots face – be it in week three or the Superbowl – I at least have a modicum of respect for. Gang Green, their fan base, and to be honest most of – wait scratch that – close to all of the Jets beat guys and columnists I can’t stand to look at. If there is a smarmier group of misanthropes and reprobates on the planet I’m glad I haven’t met them. So it pains me to say this. The Jets may be the best team the Patriots will face this year. The Pats are taking on an entirely new animal in this incarnation of Gang Green and I for one am glad they didn’t blow out the Colts a week ago as Brady and crew will need to bring their edge to this game and leave nothing in the locker room on Sunday. This is going to be a great game as the Jets bring the leagues stingiest D (15 points a game) to face the Patriots number one scoring offense at over 36 points per contest. But enough of my vitriol lets get to my Keys to Patriots victory.


Take This Job and SHOVE it: Yes I’m offering this gig up to the Patriots depleted offensive line. Mohamed Wilkerson, Leonard Williams, Sheldon Richardson and company are going to look to get in Tom Brady’s face from the get go. This team knows the way to frustrate Bray is to force pressure up the middle. What the Patriots offensive line is going to have to do is not only give Brady time to get the ball out quickly but to step up in the pocket. No matter what rotation of personnel the mad scientists use on Sunday, they need to shove the Jets pass rushers to the outside and keep the middle clear allowing Brady to step up in the pocket and find his targets.


Spread Them Thin: There isn’t much sense in pounding Blount into this line time and again Sunday.   What the Pats need to do is take a page out of the Super Bowl XLIX book and spread this Jets D out and open up space underneath for Edelman Amendola and Dion Lewis to operate. Let the YAC move the chains this week.


Feed the Monster: Rob Gronkowski was quiet last week – quiet for Rob Gronkowski world. This week Brady needs to hit Gronk early and get him into a rhythm, and into the end zone.


Control Third Down:   The Pats D needs to keep getting off the field on third downs, get the ball back into TB12 hands and get the score rolled up early.


Force Fitzpatrick To Throw:   Running it up early will give the Patriots D the edge it needs Sunday. That edge is forcing the Jets to abandon the run and have to play catch-up. Let the pass rush force the Jets QB out of the pocket and into the bad decisions he always seems to make.


Win the Turnover Battle: Did you think I was going to forget? You did, din’t you? Both these teams are way up in the plus column this season when it comes to turnovers. The Pats need to come out on top in this category Sunday afternoon.


That’s it folks.   Make no mistake this will be no cakewalk – the Jets will get theirs. This team is talented on both sides of the ball. Brandon Marshall has been more than anyone in Jersey could have hoped for and Chris Ivory has taken to Todd Bowles system like few other backs could. The Pats are going to need to be on point with all my keys here and a few I’m sure Bill has pointed out that I’m not bright enough to see. It’s going to be a close one, but I see the Pats coming out of this one 6-0.


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