AFC EAST Fantasy Breakdown Week 7




Hello Sports Fans, I did that with my Great Santini voice. I hope you’ve read that book, great book by Pat Conroy, even better movie with Robert Duvall check them both out. But lets digress, here we are in week seven, and for the AFC East it should be anything but a weak seven. Points are out there to be had, there are match-ups to exploit and waiver wire moves to be made, and here I am just in time to help, feeling kind of full of myself this week. Must be the Great Santini thought process, Lets Break it down,



Bills v Jags


What ails you my friends? Doesn’t matter if its QB issues RB problems or TE leakage. Facing Jacksonville is the cure,



EJ Manuel QB2: I can hear you people (Murphy’s on the sauce) well of course I am, I rarely write without a good scotch in my hand. But that’s beside the point. EJ had a better than respectable week six putting up 22 points and this Sunday in London I’m expecting him to at least match that number. 22 points



Robert Woods WR 3: yep still drinking but listen, Woods is averaging close to twelve yards per catch and lets be honest. Who’s left to throw too? Harvin is out and Watkins was bit in the ass by Karma and will be watching this from the sidelines as well, Pick up Woods and slip him into your WR2 pos. 8 points



LeSean McCoy RB2: McCoy finally came up big for those of us who invested in him and I see no slowing him down this week, Jacksonville is abysmal in defending the run and Shady will be throwing Shade Sunday morning, 14 points


Charles Clay TE1: here we go, who else is left to throw too? Clay that’s who. The Jags save the Pats and Colts game have been pretty stingy defending opposing TE’s but I think Clay could find you 40 + yards and a six pack, 10 points.




Dolphins vs. Texans


Chili anyone or maybe some BBQ? When you’re fantasy football hungry you hope to see the Texans on the menu, that’s just what this pumped up Dolphins team is getting to feast on Sunday


Ryan Tannehill QB2: The Texans are about as woeful a team D as you can get, Tannehill is a good spot play if you have someone on a bye week or just dropped Peyton Manning. 22 points


Lamar Miller RB1: Miller put up his fist Hondo of the season last week now he gets to go into Texas and back it up, with the new coaching staff ready to trust Mr. Miller I have no reservations in thinking he will give you what you expected of him when you drafted him back in September, 14 points.


Jarvis Landry WR2: The Texans (God I’m tired of typing Texans) have given up more than five hundred yards and five TD’s to opposing WR’s in the past three weeks, Sunday Landry gets his and you get his YAC. 13 points


Rishard Mathews WR3: if you don’t own him and chances are you don’t. pick him up. 9 points




Jordan Cameron TE2: could you use 6 points? I could.




Jets vs. Patriots


Now let rivalry weekend begin, so foolish to think the Pats are rivals with the Colts. This is the match up the Hoodie looks forward to and hates seeing twice a year. The Jets have the number one D in football. The Pats the number one offense, this will be fun people.



Ryan Fitzpatrick QB Sit; yes he has the tools around him, yes he’s in a system that fits his skill set, but no, you have better options this week.


Chris Ivory RB2: two? A duce? Yes RB 2, listen people I am not telling you to sit Chris Ivory that would be absurd what I am telling you is temper your expectations, the Patriots haven’t given up a hundred yards on the ground or a rushing TD since week 2. 10 points.



Brandon Marshal WR1: Marshal has been vintage this season finding the end-zone in all but one of the Jets five contests, he may have two Sunday. 17 points.


Eric Decker WR2 Flex: chances are if you own Decker he was an afterthought and you have better options but if you’re in a three WR league or need a flex play Sunday Decker is the safest bet you have. 9 points



Tom Brady QB1: while Tom Brady breathes and is wearing a Patriots uniform there will always be a number one QB in the AFC EAST. 30 points yes even against this secondary. Watch and see.



Dion Lewis RB2: as little as Lewis was used last week that’s how much I see him being tapped Sunday. So why the low ranking. Scores, Blount will see all the goal line work this Sunday. 11 points


LeGarrette Blount Flex: see above.



Julian Edelman WR2: Edelman has given you double digit points in all but one game this season, and while he is about to be put onto Revis Island no one gets up for a big game like Edelman11, 12 points


Danny Amendola WR3: yes people we had an Amendola sighting before the playoffs, could this be a sign? Maybe, all I know is you could roll the dice on lesser options than this one.


Whispers : Pick up Jojo LaFell


Rob Gronkowski TE1: you going to argue with me? Didn’t think so you guys are smart.




That’s it folks, we have a full slate this week. Great match up trips to Texas and London for you to eat up and a rivalry to embrace. Anyway you breakdown the weeks AFC East Schedule you have to like what you see. As always take my advice word for word or shred it. I wont be hurt. Thanks for reading.



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