Monster Keys to Patriots Cowboys




The Patriots match up with the Cowboys was supposed to be a “Test Week” for New England but injuries have hit the Cowboys hard. Dez Bryant went down early, as did Tony Romo and now the Boys version of Shane Vereen: Lance Dunbar is done for the season. On the surface it looks like the professor has tossed out this Sundays test but I’m not buying. I fully expect this Sundays meeting with Dallas to be a knock down drag out battle worthy of Bill Bellichicks and My late night study habits. Here are my keys to Patriots victory in Dallas.


Stuff It: Last season Dallas had the top running game in the NFL, but with Demarco Murray gone to Philly that lofty pedestal seems to have been lowered. Much of this can be attributed to a lack of commitment to the run, I  say the Boys rededicate themselves to this pounding style of game Sunday behind Joseph Randle and Daren McFadden. The line need to be fat up the middle to close any holes this Dallas front line opens up and the linebackers quick to the ball as the ends set the edge.


Don’t go into the Woods Alone: I know Dallas doesn’t look like Camp Crystal Lake but Jason is out there. While TE Jason Witten hasn’t gotten into the end zone since he put up 2 scores against the Giants week one he has been racking up yards and moving the chains, this D needs to chuck him at the line and move in quick when Brandon Weeden goes Jason’s way, or Sunday could look like Friday the thirteenth.


Don’t get left Behind: Yes I’m talking to the Patriots DB’s. With Dez out Terrence Williams is the Cowboys deep threat. McCourty is going to have to help over the top to keep Williams in check and out of the end zone Sunday.


Pound It: while the Dallas O-line is one of the best in the league their counterparts on the defensive side have given up close to 250 yards and four scores over the past two games. Bill needs to slam this Dallas front with Blount and let Lewis chew up turf  catching the ball out of the backfield.


Win The turnover Battle: Every week people. This is the most underrated stat in the box score.

Play Lotto: 8-5-1-3-2-31 Power Ball 12 : the first five numbers are the catches made by Gronk and company week three. The Power ball is obviously Tom Brady. Tom needs to keep spreading the ball around this week. To get to that big number 31 to pop up on the scoreboard


That’s it people. Looks pretty simple. On paper. Not so much when it counts. But I know the Hoodie will have the guys ready for this week’s trip and come home 4-0.


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