AFC East Fantasy Breakdown Week 5 edition



Its another light week here in the AFC East. After their trip to London the Jets and Dolphins have the week off the banged up Bills head down to Tennessee to take on the Titians and New England is coming off their bye week to partake of some Cowboy hospitality in Big D. So where do we look to fill out rosters to stay on the winning side of the column and rise up in the standing Sunday? Good question. Lets break it down

Bills @ Titians

The Titians are coming off their own bye week and have had ample time to game plan for Rex’s Billies (See what I did there) the Bills are hurting all over the field and the words Questionable and Probable are attached to every skilled position player like hyphenated married names. So is anyone safe to play this Sunday ? YES

Tyrod Taylor QB2: On the surface Taylor had a down week against the Giants last Sunday but even in this depleted Bills offense there is cause to be optimistic, taylor was two dropped passes and an INT away from being well over 20 points again and the Titians have given up multiple TD passes in each of their first three. 22 points

Boobie Dixon Flex: LeSean McCoy and Karlos Williams will both be watching this game from the sidelines Sunday. Rex has told reporters that Dixon is his man and while the Titians D is tough they have given up 3 scores on the ground in their last two games. Dixon is getting all the touches Sunday, 9 points

Charles Clay TE2 : I hope you picked up Clay like I suggested last week, I also hope he takes the field Sunday. The Red Q was added to his name Thursday ( calf strain ) but I expect Taylor’s number one target to be out there Sunday. The Titians are weak against opposing Tight Ends this season and even with the lack of other options I think Clay will find you Six quick and get you 40 plus yards. 10 points.

Watkins Harvin and Woods Oh My: Here’s where the most questions about the Bills game plan abound, who will Taylor have to toss the ball to come one PM Sunday?

Sammy Watkins WR3/Flex:   Sammy is also questionable for Sunday’s game again a (calf injury) but if he isactive you need to slot him in. keep an eye on Fridays INJ report and Sundays active inactive list.


Percy Harvin WR2: if Watkins does miss Sundays Game Harvins value goes up, but I feel even if Sammy is in there Percy will see enough targets to make your playing him worth the ride. Percy should find the end zone for the first time since week one. 12 points


Robert Woods Sit: Watkins in or Watkins out, except for some garbage time against the Pats in week two Woods hasn’t gotten it done, I know it might be tempting but don’t do it Bills fans.


Patriots @ Cowboys

Bill Bellichick has had two weeks to game plan for this trip. Two weeks.


Tom Brady QB1: Brady has over Eleven Hundred yards passing and Nine TD’s thrown this season, by the way he hasn’t tossed an INT in this pass happy revenge tour. The Cowboys have been very stingy against the pass this season but haven’t had to cover the weaponry TB12 has at his disposal. Just an average day for Tom Brady this week folks. That average would be 33 points


Dion Lewis RB1: who would have seen this on Draft Day ? Not me. Or I would own Mr. Lewis and his brand new contract on more teams. The Cowboys have given up huge runs to the opposition this season and I expect Lewis to make the most of his opportunities this week, 12 points

LeGarrette Blount Flex : Most of Blount’s work came in the second half of the Patriots blow out of the Jags, so who’s to say that wont happen again Sunday? Or that the plan this week would be to use Blount in the first half and beat up the Dallas front. Either way I see 9 points in Crunch’s future.


Julian Edelman WR1: Tom Brady could make an Orangutan relevant in fantasy if he chose two. Edelman is no great ape but he may be hairiest WR target in the league for opposing defensive to cover. 14 points

Rob Gronkowski TE 1: this mans name should be spelled in all caps. While Edelman may be the stick mover in this offense Gronk is the ground shaker. And from what i’m hearing through the grape vine he misses the end zone something fierce. 17 points on the Richter scale



That’s it folks it’s a small sample size for the East this week, but hey if you are desperate, feel free to slot in Amendola, Scott Chandler or even Keshawn Martin. Hey I said desperate. as always take my advise to heart, with a gain of salt or ignore me. I wont take it personally…



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