Seahawks Lose Another Close One

Thank goodness that is over! The first two games of the Seattle Seahawks 2015 season were not expected to be easy, and they certainly were not. That the Seahawks sit at 0-2 is not surprising. Seattle, though, now has to start winning, beginning with the first home game this Sunday versus the Chicago Bears.

For Seahawks fans, there were some hopeful signs that happened Sunday that had nothing to do with the Seahawks. Basically, the National Football League is one big unpredictable mess. Sure, Seattle lost to a very good Green Bay Packers team, 27-17, but here is a list of a few other games that were unexpected: The Baltimore Ravens lost to the Oakland Raiders, the St. Louis Rams lost to the Washington Redskins, the Jacksonville Jaguars beat the Miami Dolphins and Johnny Manziel did not look horrible in leading the Cleveland Browns over the Tennessee Titans. What is my point? Simply that the Seahawks could be a team that has more worries than just starting off 0-2. For instance, the Seahawks could be the Dolphins or Ravens. Both those teams are expected to compete for playoff spots, and they both lost to teams far inferior than the Packers (or the Rams, for that matter). There is hope.

aaron rodgers

Why did the Seahawks lose to the Packers?

First, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers played like Aaron Rodgers. He is the best quarterback in the game. He will expose any weakness, and the Seahawks have weaknesses in the secondary right now. Safety Kam Chancellor is still holding out. Nickelback Jeremy Lane is still hurt. Cornerback Richard Sherman is having the worst season of his career so far, including having the worst grade of his career against Green Bay on Sunday, according to Pro Football Focus. Safety Earl Thomas does not look like he is completely healthy yet. Did I mention Kam Chancellor was still holding out?

Secondly, the offensive line actually did a better job of pass blocking than run blocking against Green Bay. Quarterback Russell Wilson was sacked only twice and at times had time to throw after dropping back. Seattle fans do not normally see that. What Seahawks fans do normally see if an effective run game and Seattle did not have that on Sunday. A week after giving up 189 yards rushing to Chicago, the Packers only allowed Seattle to have 117, but 78 of that was Wilson. Seattle just has not looked like Seattle this year. They look out-of-synch and Marshawn Lynch does not look as menacing as in years past. The offensive line must improve quickly.

Thirdly, does offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell know that Jimmy Graham plays tight end on this team? The Seahawks have targeted Graham ten times in two games. Not ten times a game; ten times total. Against the Packers, Graham had one catch. One! Wilson missed Graham on a short throw when he decided to try to throw the ball on a line instead of putting it up where the 6’7” Graham could catch it high. The play should have been a touchdown. The Seahawks need to stop using Graham as a decoy, and use him as the weapon he is.

There is hope in the near future, though, as the Seahawks take on the Bears at home on Sunday. Three of the next four games are in Seattle. After six games last season, the Seahawks were 3-3, and they realistically could be that or better this year. There is a lot of season left.