Monster Keys To Patriots Bills




Well Kids week one is in the rear view mirror and its time to head up to orchard pack for some wings (wiffle-ball bats filled with beer?) and football with one of the most rabid fan bases in the NFL. I love this match up. I only wish it was in December. Bill has a few issues to clear up after last Sundays week one win over the Steelers. if they want to come home 2-0. so here are my keys to doing just that.


Come Together: The Pats O-Line did a good job in week one. Good not great, Solder-Kline-Andrews – Tr’e Jackson and company. need to get on the same page early and on every down come Sunday. This Buffalo front line is something to behold, Jerry Hughes, Mario and Kyle Williams make up one of the best D lines in the league and this week they will welcome back Marcel Dareus. The Pats front line needs to come up big to keep this group off TB12, And TB12 off his back.


Push The Red Button: Yes my rabid readers its time to bring the nitrous. One way to keep this D on its heels and not in the Patriots backfield is to keep them on the field and sucking wind. I want to see a ton of two-minute style drives. Hurry up and no huddle is the drive style I want to see Sunday.


Stack The Deck then Fan the Cards: Okay save your jokes. When I say stack the deck I’m talking about the receivers, Stack Gronk in with the wide outs and then use motion to spread the field. We know what Rex is going to do, pack the middle of the field with defenders and force Tom to throw outside the numbers. The Pats need to create confusion and space to get Gronk & Co, open and allow Tom the opportunity to pick apart this secondary.

Get Crunchy: Blount is back from his one game suspension; play action is going to play a huge roll this week and establishing LeGarrette early forcing the Bills D to respect the threat is paramount.

Setting The Edge: Okay we all know the Steelers Gashed this D last week on the ground. To often the edge wasn’t set. The Patriots DE looked like a plus for this team all preseason, they need to get their edge back and shut down Shady McCoy. And the rest of this Bills rushing attack.

Contain and Control: I’m not buying Tyrod Taylor, I realize the people up in Orchard Park feel he’s the second coming of Randal Cunningham but, No. Come Sunday at one o’clock this team needs to take a page out of their Superbowl playbook and keep Taylor in the pocket. Force him to hold the ball and throw downfield. Its not about Sacks Sunday folks.


That’s it folks Week Two is upon us. While Rex has been going home early to make Snacks and Utube videos Bill has been game planning tweaking and watching film into the wee hours of the morning. But that’s why one of these coaches owns the Tabloid back pages and the other a fist full of Rings.


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