AFC East Fantasy Breakdown

AFC East Fantast Breakdown


Thomas Murphy

Editor Pro-football Central


Man time flies when you’re having fun . Week one is in the bank week two is upon us and before you know it we will be talking trade deadline. There were a few surprises during week one of your Fantasy season, I hope you weren’t one of the   20% of players who didn’t start Tom Brady and I hope you faced off against Adrian Peterson last week, we all know he wont have another day like that until he reaches the age of forty. But enough about last week, you need to know whats what for week two, so lets Break It down





The Dolphins: the Phins make that long trip to Jacksonville this week and that maybe just the ticket to heal their less than stellar fantasy numbers thye gave in the opener against the Skins.

Ryan Tannehill QB 1: Tannehill was 22 of 34 last week against the Skins, this weeks diet of Jaguar should open up his mediocre one TD six  and a half yards per week one performance. Look for Tannehill to spread the ball around more and get into the end zone again. 18 points

Jarvis Landry WR2: Landry was targeted 12 times in week one , the problem was he didn’t do a lot with them. Averaging Just 6.5 yards per reception, and his one trip to the end-zone came on a Punt Return, I love and hate day savers, that being said Landry is the number one target in Miami and should again give you double digit numbers this week.10 points

Jordan Cameron TE1: if you own Cameron you don’t have a better option at the TE position, while he failed to get double digits for you last week he did get looks when Miami was in the red zone, a place they will spend a lot more time this Sunday. 12 points.

Lamar Miller RB1:   Miller was to be kind less than spectacular in week one, well week one is over, have no fear people the Jags will cure what ails Mr. Miller. 14 points.



The Jets: Chris Ivory was a stud in week one Fitzpatrick was an INT away from a 20-point effort (always seems to be the case) and the wide outs put up decent stats for you. This week they get a pissed off Colts team that was embarrassed in their opener.

Ryan Fitzpatrick QB2: do I need to explain? Didn’t think so


Chris Ivory RB1: as I said above Ivory was studly last week this Sunday he faces the worst run D on the planet. Look for a 25-touch 20-point day from Mr. Ivory.


Brandon Marshall WR2: Marshal will see a steady diet of Vonte Davis Sunday, he will also see a steady stream of targets (Fitzpatrick cant help himself) while Davis is a very good CB Marshal isn’t Sammy Watkins and wont be shut out like Davis did the Bills WR last week. 10 points.


Eric Decker Flex: I’m a little worried about this spot, while the Colts couldn’t stop my grandmother from running over them they are good defending against the pass and Decker didn’t see a ton of targets last week, but he could find you six again with another Score. 8 points.



The Bills: Okay where do I start, its Rex Ryan’s Superbowl week and no matter what you’ve read he isn’t going home early from the office. Ryan teams always play the Pats hard and in the last two games have lost to the Hoodie by a total of 3 points.


Tyrod Taylor: sorry I’m still in who’s Tyrod Taylor? Mode here



LeSean McCoy RB 1: yes Shady had a rough go of it in week one but this horse hasn’t bucked you yet, the Pats looked anemic in stopping the run week one and a steady stream of McCoy heading to the edge 14 points

Sammy Watkins Flex WR3: Watkins was shut out last week vs the Colts but this secondary isn’t the Colts, some of that can be attributed to scheme but just some. Malcolm Butler will shadow the Bills number one guy all afternoon and points will be hard to come by but he wont have the day he did against Vonte Davis. 7 points,

Percy Harvin WR2: Am I sold on Harvin? No, I’m sold on this match up. Percy is motivated and a big part of Rex’s plan for this week. The Pats could be the perfect fantasy match up for him. 12 points.



The Patriots: That Pats make their yearly trip up to Buffalo this week and when that happens there is no extra motivation needed.




Tom Brady QB1: tom Brady Loves Buffalo…380 yards 4 TD no picks those are the numbers Brad up during his last tip to every Canadians favorite football team. Massive front line or not I don’t see anything short of a blizzard keeping Tom from again leading the league in fantasy points this week. 27 Points for Brady




Rob Gronkowski TE1: Gronk is simply the best weapon in the NFL, I know Rex wont be dumb enough to not have him covered on half the snaps but Gronk will get his … 13 points. ….Scott Chandler Flex: Scott Chandler? Yes Scott Chandler, if you play in a league where you can flex TE, I say this week go for it, Chandler got into the end zone week one and a little home coming music might be in store for the former Bill 8 points




LeGarrette Blount Flex: Blount force Trauma is back from his Blount induced one game suspension and for Tom to be effective play action will need to be used, Blount will see some twenty touches this week and if he finds a hole or three you could be looking at a nice day. 11 points



Julian Edelman WR2: the ball has to land in someone’s hands. Doesn’t it? Amendola torched this D last season while Edelman was on the bench; well he isn’t on the Bench this week 12 points….


Dion Lewis Sit : if you picked up Lewis this week like so many did I would hold off on inserting him into your lineup.




That’s it folks I hope the advise I gave you last week got you off to a good start and this weeks breakdown will hopefully keep you on the winning track or get you back to .500. as always you have all the power take my advise to heart or with a grain of salt its up to you, I never hold a grudge.



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