Monster Keys to Patriots Steelers




Hello Sports Fans, you wouldn’t know it by looking outside but. It’s Christmas Eve here in New England. Tomorrow night Santa is set to deliver real football to all the good boys and girls of the world as the Pats take on the Steelers at Gillette Stadium, and like Bellichick,Brady and the rest of the Patriots I refuse to focus on the noise of the off-season. I’m on to Football. So Lets Get It On. Here are my keys to the Patriots week one.






Protect the Franchise



TB12 is back he’s pissed off and he is looking to find an outlet for his aggression, what better place to start than a Pittsburgh secondary that seems to steadily get worse over the years. But he can’t do that from his backside. Keeping Tom upright is paramount for this team to get off on the right foot we all remember last seasons early “Growing Pains” that the Offensive Line went through and with Brain Stork possibly missing game one with a concussion this will be no small task. The Steelers know this and will try to exploit a very young group of interior lineman by busting up the middle. Whether its Wendell or David Andrews snapping for Brady who ever is plugged in at Left Guard is going to have to step up and “do their job” Keep tom Upright and every little things gonna be alright. I’m just asking for three seconds here.,


Chandler Gronk


Double Down at Tight End



Yes people once again the Pats have two Tight Ends that Josh McDaniel’s can use to confound and confuse the leagues DB’s I say lets get it started. We all know the damage a healthy Rob Gronkowski can do and he is chomping at the Bit after not playing a down in pr-season, now add Scott Chandler to the equation there hasn’t been a combo like this since Sampson and Olajuwon, I had to change sports to find anything close to this twin tower combo. Use them on the same side to set up the run game split Gronk out to exploit corners and get them in motion to terrorize the Steelers Line backing corps. This is going to be fun to watch.





Em-Bolden Yourself Bill

With the Crunchy one LeGarrette Blount serving his Ganja suspension Tom needs an early down back he can trust who can not only hit a hole when its there but can pick up and hit Blitzing Steelers, not to mention Bolden has the hands Tom can trust when he needs to check down and can take it to the edge. Bolden has the best skill set to do this out of any of the Patriots active running backs, trust BB, trust Brandon Bolden.



Get it out quick


Tom needs to use Edelman-Amendola and Insert Body here to move the chains and maintain drives, as high as I sounded on Bolden Tom needs use the short passing game as the run game to sustain drives and spread the field then take what they leave you underneath to work his way into the red zone where the Towers can be used to pick up six.




Don’t forget its Miller Time



Heath Miller time that is. The Pats have been woeful at stopping opposing Tight Ends over the years. This cant happen Thursday. The Steelers RB situation is Literally in the same boat as the Pats and Big Ben will try to use Miller to move the chains in the same way Tom will use his.



NFL: NOV 18 Patriots at Panthers

Protect the Secondary



The Front Seven has to force Ben to make bad decisions. No easy task. Get in his face and force him to go to check downs before they have actually made moves to get open. Don’t give him time to beat you down field. Don’t let Antonio Brown beat you Thursday night.






That’s it Folks. Football is here I’m done with the noise, I’ve tuned it out and I’m ready for the Pats raise that banner and defend their Championship.


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