Monster Keys to Patriots Packers


By Thomas J. Murphy II



I can hear you thinking people. “Murph Monster Keys to a preseason game” yes I quote your thoughts I feel your thoughts deserve that recognition. I’m a stand up guy, but lets digress. Yes Keys to a week one-preseason football game, that’s what Roger Goodell has driven me too. Now I know you’re used to stopping by here each week to see my keys to the Pats dismantling their opponents and trust me I cant wait to get to just that… A tip make a reservation for week 5 now, but this weeks keys are much different than what you might be used to from me. This week we are going to take a look at the positions I think deserve our attention going into tonight’s match up with the Packers. Hope you don’t mind.. right now the depth chart is kind of helter skelter, with Vets occupying the top spots and touted rookies sitting at the bottom, honestly who’s zooming who here ? sorry for that. Lets break it down,





Running Back

Right now the Pats have TEN men on the RB depth chart,. Starting with LeGarrette Blount and trickling all the way down to Tyler Gaffney and Dion Lewis depending on what RB line you’re looking at (there are two) its safe to say Blount wont be leading the charge tonight, who will be is the question, Mr Gray Mr White Mr. Pink or will it be the longest tenured Patriot Brandon Bolden? Watching how this group shakes out not only on first and second down but who takes the all-important third down snaps is one of the more fascinating stories to watch tonight.


Interior D Line

As it stands vets Sealver Siliga and Alan Branch are the men in the middle. While the Pats last two first round picks Dominique Easley and Malcom Brown sit further down the the chart. This could just be a earn your job thing with lets be honest, are two rookies, but I want to see how many snaps these two get tonight and how they are used will they get snaps at the same time? is their presence going to change the way this defense attacks? can thye hold up against seasoned pros across the line. Or will Mr. Brown and Triscuit Knees (shout out to Cory Butler for that) be worked in slowly. I’m hoping for the former but id bet on the latter. Still something to watch closely.



The DE Shuffle


Jabaal Sheard … yep that’s it. We all know how shallow things have been at the DE spot. Over the past two years Jones and Ninkovich have spent more time on the field than some officials; Now that the Patriots have a serious option to bring in I want to see how and how often he’s used. Loved this signing.


The O Line

Solder-Kline-Stork-Wendell-Volmer yea yea yea we know. I want to see if the Kids are all right.   Tre’ Jackson and Shaq Mason were taken in last years draft to come in here and make some noise., I like these two picks just fine so lets get that out of the way I’m done complaining about who Bill should have taken and where. These are the horses he brought in so lets see them run.





That’s it I could go on and on about Jimmy G the DB’s or the Linebackers but I’m not. its week one of preseason and this is where I’m going to focus my attention I think you should too. Ill be back here every week with my Keys to Patriots Victory and look for my AFC East Fantasy Breakdown right here at PRO Football Central




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