2015 Vikings QB and Running backs preview by Joel Schafer

The Vikings went into the 2014  season with the expectations of having a high powered running attack with MVP Adrian Peterson again looking to surpass Eric Dickerson’s  single season  record. A mere two season before this we were on the edge of our seats when he came up a mere 27 feet away from this goal.  They were also were expecting to train in a newly drafted Teddy Bridgewater by having him  hold a clipboard and observe while having Matt Cassel control the helm at Quarterback.  Both of those plans blew-up in the faces of Skol nation.   A.P.  was in sever legal troubles after abusing his own child.   Teddy was put into action much sooner than expect when Cassel was forced out of the week 3 tilt against the Saints, who must have had a bounty out on yet another Vikings quarterback.


Coming into  2015  knowing  Adrian is back in the league and is in purple, one thing is guaranteed.  Peterson will run the rock down opposing teams throats. The specimen of a man had a full year to recover. He didn’t take a full season of hits in 2015 and he is not coming off of an off-season surgery.  Peterson is going to run angry as he always has.  If he is able to stay on the field, I would not be surprised with him getting over 1400 or even challenging Dickerson’s record again. Peterson is the best back in the league. With Norv (Turner)  as the offensive coordinator  you will see a lot of  the things that he did when Tomlinson was the best back in the league.

When it comes to the back-up to Adrian Jerick McKinnon has shown flashes that he can tote the rock as a third down back.  Jerick seems to fit the role with 27 catches in 11 games last year. Jerick had 4.8 yard per carry average but  didn’t find the end zone due to a wrecking ball named Matt Asiata.  Matt was a guy that had a nose for the end-zone and could get you the tough goal line and 4th and 1 yards. If you asked for anything more you would be very disappointed. Matt scored 3 tds in a game twice last year and had 9 total touchdowns on the season. Matt will have to be something special in the special teams game to hold a roster spot.  The Viking stashed away Dominique Williams late last year and may be given a shot to stick around on special teams and be the #3 rb on the team.  Let us just hope we don’t need to go that deep at running back and leave it as A.P. is the guy.

Teddy came into 2014 as the heir apparent for the future of the franchise in the leagues most important position Quarterback.  Bridgewater averaged 224 yards thru the air per game, in 13 games played.  Many people around Minnesota had this perception that Teddy was this read option QB and would use his legs as a big weapon. Bridgewater  is not that guy, he wasn’t that in Louisville and he won’t be that in the NFL. Now that we cleared the air on that part of Teddy’s game,  we can establish the one thing we know he is accurate and can throw the ball around the yard. Teddy completed 64.4% of his passes. If you are looking to see more of the same from Teddy in 2015 you  will be disappointed. Bridgewater  dealt with things many rookies who start have to, getting hit a lot. Teddy had a M.A.S.H. unit in front of him for most of the year.  The blind side was an issue with aging veteran  not being able to hold his own weight and exposing Matt Kalil, whom played through a knee injury and had his knees cleaned out. You will see a healthy blind side and a motivated Kalil in a contract year.  28 is also in the backfield giving defenses more to worry about. Bridgewater  is a game changer when it comes to the Vikings future.  Expect big things in 2015,  4200+ yards  30- 35 touchdowns and 17 ints.  If these numbers look familiar, some old guy did that in 2009.teddy