Kraft’s statements don’t admit Any Wrongdoing.



Kraft’s statements don’t admit Any Wrongdoing.


Buried within the Wells report was one crystal clear statement – camouflaged between lawyer speak, innuendo, omissions and pumped up fee’s was one fact. The New England Patriots organization and Bill Belichick had nothing to do with Deflate Gate.




“We found no wrongdoing by Patriots ownership, coach Bill Belichick and his assistants.”


And yet the Pats were hit with the steepest fines ever levied by the NFL – One Million Dollars and a loss of a first and forth round draft pick. Why? Why if they had no knowledge or contributed to any wrongdoing were they fined?   Simple, one had nothing to do with the other.


Troy Vincent wrote in his statement to the Patriots:


“In accepting the findings of the report, we note that the report identified no evidence of wrongdoing or knowledge of wrongdoing on the part of any member of the coaching staff, including Head Coach Bill Belichick, or by any Patriots’ staff member other than Mr. Jastremski and Mr. McNally, including head equipment manager Dave Schoenfeld. Similarly, the Wells report is clear that Patriots ownership and executives did not participate in any way in the misconduct, or have knowledge of the misconduct.”


Vincent also added:


“Although we do not hold the club directly responsible for Mr. Brady’s refusal to cooperate, it remains significant that the quarterback of the team failed to cooperate fully with the investigation. Finally, it is significant that key witnesses – Mr. Brady, Mr. Jastremski, and Mr. McNally – were not fully candid during the investigation.”


Here’s the rub. The Patriots were never fined for anything that had to do with deflate gate but the perception by Wells and by extension Goodell – wait I mean, umm, Troy Vincent, that team employees didn’t fully cooperate with the investigation. Therefore Goodell could toss his “failure to cooperate” blanket at Bob Kraft and the Patriots. Did he have to do this? No, but Goodell is the ultimate ass-hat who just had to show the rest of the league he was a tough guy and that while any fine or suspension tossed at Brady would/will most likely get reduced on appeal or overturned in court, Kraft would have to set himself up as the villain, suing his partners, thirty other billionaires and the Packers and still most likely lose. Kraft wasn’t going to do this. So in essence what Kraft did yesterday was say – we accept the fact you think the team and three of our employees didn’t cooperate to the degree you thought proper.


So to anyone who thinks Kraft’s statement was an admission of guilt – you’re dead wrong. It was simply an acceptance of someone else’s perception of what cooperation is.