No Fly Zone: Trey Wolfe Fort Valley State CB

There are a lot of cornerbacks in the 2014 NFL Draft class. Fort Valley State has a player that will wow you when you watch him play. That player is Trey Wolfe. He has a very nice mix of speed, jumping ability and overall athleticism. This is a player that had 17 pass break ups last year. It is very clear that he has superb balls skills.

trey wolfeThe thing that separates Wolfe from a lot of other corner backs is his ability to high point the ball.  Wolfe was a three-year starter at cornerback, wide receiver and return specialist at Wheeler High School in Marietta, Ga. He also played wide receiver in college before focusing exclusively on defense. His background at receiver helped him become a better defender because he can fully understand what the receivers want to do when they are facing him. He also is able to rely on the ball skills that he developed while playing baseball in high school. He was a centerfielder and he said that his experience tracking a small baseball on a pop fly makes it easy to track a larger object like a football.

The best part of Wolfe’s game is his ability to defend the deep ball. This is obvious when you watch his game tape. He has a knack for stacking the wide receiver when they run go routes and he in effect becomes the receiver by getting in position to make the play. His vertical is said to be in the neighborhood of 38 inches which would hold it’s own against just about any defensive back in this draft class. He showed off his vertical during a YouTube video in which he jumped onto the top of a car. (WATCH VIDEO)  That vertical is exactly what allows him to go up and get the ball at it’s highest point and win jump ball situations.

The path to this point has been a long one for Trey Wolfe but he is now moving closer to his dream of playing in the NFL. He had stops at Reedley College and Midwestern State University before ending up at Fort Valley State. Fort Valley State has produced some NFL players in the past such as Greg Lloyd, Tyrone Poole and Nick Harper. Wolfe is looking to add to that lineage of players. When I watched Wolfe play, I saw a player that has a game which resembles Brent Grimes of the Miami Dolphins.

Wolfe understands that there are a lot of things that football can provide him with. One thing that he mentioned is what it could allow him to do for his two sons, one is four years old and the other is two years old. Wolfe will be a part of the pro day at Georgia State University. He is represented by the team at Octagon Sports which has confirmed that there will numerous teams at the pro day to watch him, one of which is the Cincinnati Bengals. The Dallas Cowboys and Seattle Seahawks have also been in touch with Wolfe. Be sure to keep an eye on Trey Wolfe and don’t be surprised when you see him playing on Sundays.