The Miami Dolphins Ink Grimes To A Four Year Deal

The Miami Dolphins have started the 2014 offseason on a good foot by signing cornerback Brent Grimes to a four year 32 million,16 million guaranteed contract extension. Grimes was the bright spot last year a low risk/high reward signing paid off of for the Dolphins. The question now is could the Dolphins potentially get out of the contract when Grimes potentially starts to decline as an NFL player. Grimes is 3o right now and will be 34 by the end of the contract.

Many could question the contract amount due to Grimes expected decline. What makes Grimes such a good cornerback right now is quick twitch reaction to make plays which makes up for his short stature. But with the rise in the salary cap the contract is a bargain for what Grimes would have gotten on the open market and the potential of him going to a division rival. This was a good resigning and a great start of the offseason. In some fans eyes Dennis Hickey is already in good favor.