Top Ten Miami Dolphins Of 2013: Number Eight

Coming in as the eighth best Dolphin of the 2013 season. It is the sixty million dollar man Mike Wallace. Now it is pretty easy to say he didn’t live up to that contract but in all fairness only a handful of wide receivers would ever live up to a contract like that. Mike Wallace signed in the offseason for five year, sixty million dollars. His purpose for the Dolphins was to stretch field, he did that. His impact will not be on the box score every week. It’s understandable for fans to get furiously angry, calling Wallace a bum, overpaid and another diva wide out.

2013 season:

Receptions: 73 catches (career high)

Receiving Yards: 930

Touchdowns: 5

Average: 12.7

I really do not know what Dolphin fans were expecting when the team signed Mike Wallace. He is the first legit weapon that can stretch the field since Chris Chambers. He is light years better than Ted Ginn Jr. Now all of this could be a moot point because his salary, his inability to make leaping catches and fight for the ball but one thing I think fans forget is his is who Mike Wallace is. He is a deep threat, a playmaker.

We saw glimpses of what he could be with Ryan Tannehill as the season progressed. Yeah, it took sometime but there was a lot in play for their inability to connect throughout the season.  The Dolphins had the league’s worst offensive line, lack of running game and Ryan Tannehill’s inability to throw a deep ball.

Despite not notching a thousand yard season, the Dolphins have developed Wallace into a more polished receiver. Running various routes compared to being a one stop pony with straight line speed.

Fans may never get complete return on investment when it comes to Mike Wallace but with the expectations entering the 2013, and the deficiencies in the offense. Wallace did what he could do to come in ranked 8th top Dolphin of the 2013 season.