Brad Smith: Football & Fashion

By PFC Writer J Anderson

When you think of fashion interns, NFL wide receivers are not at the top of the list, then you meet Brad Smith of the Philadelphia Eagles and your opinion does a 180 turn. Brad Smith knows his way around a great suit developing his fashion skills by interning for Men’s Health, getting a hands on experience at what it takes to be a fashion editor during fashion week. The opportunity has since led to him being a regular for Men’s Health contributing to webisodes on mens grooming tips as well as working the red carpet during last year’s ESPY’s. Don’t let the fashion accolades or his profession fool you, Brad Smith understands fashion and has a keen sense of style. PFC went to the man himself to find out about his sense of fashion, he doesn’t do bright colors; indeed, he confesses his wife thinks his color choices are “monotone,” he tries to work in more color through accessories, he said.His wife may think his color choices are monotone, however he does know quality here is what he said when asked about his favorite designers, “I like Canali for suits.And I like Tom Ford.

As far as casual stuff, it can go from Walmart all the way to Balenciaga or Louis Vuitton.”“I’m an athlete. On an average day, I’m in sweats or in jeans. I don’t dress up too much,” he said.“I wouldn’t say I’m into the crazy stuff. I don’t have a lot of furs and leather and that extreme stuff.“You know, most of the guys in football aren’t multimillionaires, contrary to popular belief,” he said, before adding with a laugh.’’“But I do like nice things. I call my style subtle devastation.”Understanding that style can be found anywhere, the #designforbradsmith competition holds true to the vision of the man behind it.“I was talking with people I’ve been working with and we were talking about the creativity and design that goes into fashion. At the same time, I was trying to find a way to help people,” he said. “We wanted to build something where we can show how much we love fashion but at the same time give somebody an opportunity to be seen, let their art be shown and give them a step in the right direction in building a career in fashion.”The competition began in late 2013, with submissions from emerging designers nationwide vying for a chance to not only have Brad wear their design during New York Fashion Week but the ongoing support of Brad as he has said he will remain an active part in the winners journey.

On Friday February 7th, the winner of #designforbradsmith, Keser “Kassie’’ Haji of Columbus, Ohio was presented to the fashion world. The young designer who is a native of Iraq, attended CCAD and has been well received during fashion showcase throughout Ohio. She describes her personal style as “comfortable, beautiful, sophisticated, and quality” which mirrors the style of competition creator Brad Smith. When asked what was next in his fashion journey, Smith replied “to continue to learn as much as I can but also stay behind the scenes”. This isn’t the usual answer one would expect from an NFL wide receiver who are known for their diva like behavior but like his sense of style, Brad Smith however continues to prove that he is nothing like your typical wide receiver.