Amid Dolphin GM Reports, Fans Need To Relax

With all the chaos the Miami Dolphins have faced this past week, not having head coach Joe Philbin at the Senior Bowl, not having the general manager vacancy filled. The entire fan base is left with hate and disgust because of the perception of franchise in shambles. Lets be clear the NFL off season hasn’t even start, heck the NFL season is just now finishing up with the Super Bowl ten days away.

The fan base needs to relax, a lot of speculation being reported by NFL insiders on the interview process, finalist being named, finalist being withdrawn. Its complete chaos I tell you, the fan base is not happy. The same fan base that wanted Jeff Ireland fired, they got their wish.

As we enter the weekend, the final week before the 2013-2014 NFL season ends, general manager finalist have been named. I am not going to begin to tell you what I think of them has a potential hire. From looking in on the outside, these candidates are random football guys that are impossible to evaluate before they are hired. The only thing writers, fans and myself can rely on is just speculation and sources.

So far the finalist for the position are Titans executive Lake Dawson, Browns executive Ray Farmer and assistant general manager for the Dolphins Brian Gaine, (whose been at the Senior Bowl all week). 

Here is what we know with all these candidates, Carl Peterson is helping Stephen Ross conduct the search. Let me start off with Lake Dawson. Carl Peterson drafted Dawson while he was the general manager for the Kansas City Chiefs in 1994.

When it comes to Ray Farmer, Peterson hired Farmer to work for him as the director of pro personnel from 2006-2012. An interesting note about Farmer, he was initially a favorite for the position and withdrew his name today because of the clarity of the position. The Fritz Pollard Alliance has recommended Farmer to go in for the second interview despite his hesitation on the position. So as it might look bad for Miami having a candidate withdraw his name, the same can be said for Farmer who is considered a minority candidate and has a minority advocacy group advising Farmer to interview for a promotion.

With all the pandemonium surrounding the team and not having scouts present at the Senior Bowl. The favorite to land the position has been at the Senior Bowl practices all week representing the team, filling out scouting reports. Numerous league insiders think Gaine makes the most sense to fill the position.

We have no idea if these candidates will make a difference from going 8-8 to a super bowl and if he shows that he is the difference that is when I will care. Everyone needs to relax because fans need to remember Jeff Ireland was once here, for six seasons and two fly overs. The Dolphins public relations will constantly be a disaster or appear that way, they will appear to be inept, the owner will appear to be inept until they are a championship contender. Until then, let things play out. Wait for all the facts to play out and not knee jerk and become a sheep to twitter because we do not know anything until this general makes his first acquisition, release or draft pick.



**** Update

Cleveland Browns CEO Joe Banner has said Ray Farmer will stay with the team.