Is Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross in London And China During GM Search?

Late last night, Jason LaCanfora of CBS Sports tweeted out:

” Hearing some GMs w/assistants up for Miami GM job not pleased with the process there. Senior Bowl week is here. Looking for closure …”

” Dolphins owner Stephen Ross headed for London this week and then supposed to go to China. Candidates remain in the dark. No bueno”

Here is the direct link to LaCanfora’s tweets:

This very interesting due to the fact that the public perception with Stephen Ross is that he is an incompetent NFL owner and does not have a clue on how an NFL team is operated.

Reports have came out that the team will conduct a second round of interviews with the finalists that will include Ray Farmer and another to be name named later. As a fan you would like the team to have concluded everything or nearly finished but fans and even the candidates are left in the dark.

A couple of things to wonder, is it possible they have concluded their search and have narrowed down to the two they want as their general manager and are leaving it up to Carl Peterson and Dawn Aponte to decide while Ross flies over seas? Or, the search isn’t complete and Ross had to take care of business in London and China and damage public perception?

Regardless it is not a good look around the league, to the public and the fans.


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