Colts Postseason News: Boston Globe and Other Sites Expect A Blowout Win by Patriots

The Colts started their postseason run by beating the Kansas City Chiefs through a 28-point comeback, which was the largest in postseason history. As the San Diego Chargers defeated the Cincinnati Bengals, the Colts will face against the New England Patriots (again) in the divisional round. Some writers, like Bob Kravitz, were happy that the Colts next opponent are the Patriots rather than the Broncos as they thought that the Colts would have a better chance on winning at Foxborough.

However, some writers think that the Patriots will blowout the Colts. Those writers are from the Boston Globe, and many more. Now it is one thing to say that the Patriots are going to win but stating that the Patriots will blowout the Colts is another thing. Yes the Colts were lucky this past Saturday on making the comeback but the Patriots also had to do some incredible comebacks in the regular season as well.

I think the Colts offense will have success against the injury depleted Patriots defense. I don’t know how the Colts defense will play against the Patriots offense as CB Greg Toler was placed in the IR which will have an effect but I can say that the defense will do it’s best to limit the weapons of Brady to force him to keep the ball longer. That will cause Robert Mathis to have an opportunity to sack Brady.