The Clock Is Ticking Stephen Ross

Today Stephen Ross landed at Dolphin headquarters by landing on the practice field and excited the fan base in hopes of cleaning house. As hours went by members of the front office and coaching staff slowly creeped out of Dolphin headquarters with nothing in hand. Most notably Dawn Aponte and offensive line coach Jim Turner. It is almost safe to say these two are safe, but Coach Joe Philbin, General Manager Jeff Ireland, and Offensive coordinator Mike Sherman job status is up in the air.

Stephen Ross landed around noon today and the watch was on, twitter was buzzing, sports radio was dominated by the spectacle going on in Davie. The fan base furious because no new info has emerged and their hopes of a new General Manager have not been fulfilled.

As each passing day, the Miami Dolphins keep throwing fuel to the angry fan base fire. Keeping the fan base in the dark. The fan base wants a sacrifice of some sort. I jokingly tweeted they wanted a Homeland-esque type result today. But that didn’t happen. In fact we have no idea what happened. We only assumed what might have happened.

The assumption and speculation that has been made that each staff member stated their case to Stephen Ross on what went wrong and resulted in an 8-8 record and losing the last two games of the regular season and being eliminated from the playoffs. In the off season, Ross opened up his checkbook and went on a spending spree a high maintenance women dreams of. A perception nationally known as a big spender but locally overlooked.

I am going to be honest, I have no Idea what is going to happen. My guess is Jeff Ireland and Joe Philbin get another year which would make it a three year marriage with Ryan Tannehill under center. If the play doesn’t get better then changes need to be made. It is very hard for me to assume this though because it is obvious changes need to be made now and haven’t been made.

Joe Philbin is Stephen Ross guy, he hired him nearly hand picked him to be the head coach for this once storied franchise. Forcing him and Ireland to work hand-in-hand and execute a plan. Many question the use of drafts picks or lack of use of them. Most notably third overall pick Dion Jordan.

Fans want house cleaned, a giant reset button pressed in Davie. They feel embarrassed for this team, you may have forgotten but on two separate occasions the Dolphin fan base paid for a banner to fly over the stadium to let Stephen Ross know how they feel about this team and front office.

But patience is being demonstrated and Ross is a businessman. He is not use to the NFL culture, it’s foreign to him. His method is foreign to the fans he is taking a logical approach to his ownership. Many think and have seen NFL firings done on “Black Monday” or the Monday following the last week of the season. Ross doesn’t operate like that, he operates like a businessman, taking emotion out of it and thinking everything through. This is something a fan base isn’t used to, a fan base is used to jobs being loss in less than twenty four hours and blind faith being restored. One thing that is for certain, faith hasn’t been restored it’s only been distanced, the fan base is being pushed away. Being pushed away in a team that isn’t good, it only lead them to the arms of a team ten minutes south of Sun Life stadium where ownership and front office is competent and has a clear vision. A vision that has groomed its staff, a vision that has goodwill with its fans. Something Stephen Ross needs to learn.

The longer changes aren’t made the longer this fan base does not care and continues to be second place in a city where it once was the talk of the sports world.Day 2 of judgement day starts tomorrow, it is your move Stephen Ross, the clock is ticking make a move soon or hope is loss.