Which Dolphin Team Will Show Up On Sunday?

We can quote all of the clichés when it comes to the AFC East rivalry game between the New York Jets and Miami Dolphins. I’ll give you some right now

–        It is Do or Die for the Miami Dolphins.

–        The New York Jets would love to end the Miami Dolphins playoff season.

–        It is the biggest game of the season, leave it all out there on the field.


But the reality is you have an average team facing a below average team. You have one of the worst offenses in the league, Miami entering the week as the 26th ranked offense and the Jets as the 28th ranked offense. With both defense ranked 9th and 10th respectively in the league. This game could be ugly to watch.

Both offense will be kept in check for most of the game. The problem for the Jets is they are vulnerable in the secondary. Antonio Cromartie isn’t the same cornerback, he is older and slower. Rookie Dee Milliner has shown some flash but has also been worked as a rookie. And the Jets aren’t an opportunistic defense. They are actually the second worst team in the NFL when it comes to turnovers. The Dolphins will attempt to run the ball, and the Jets will eat the run game up.

Entering Sunday, the Jets are the number two ranked run defense in the league giving up 3.3 yards on the ground. Rex Ryan loves his defensive tackles and they love to man handle team’s offensive lines. I expect that to continue, the Dolphins offensive line is one of the worst in the NFL and the Jets have one of the best defensive lines in the game.

This game will come down to which team commits the least amount of turnovers. Yeah you can well the Dolphins will win, they have Ryan Tannehill and the Jets have Geno Smith. Not so fast, the Jets strength happens to go against Miami’s weakness. In the trenches. Miami has never played well against a team that is physical, ie Baltimore, Carolina, and Buffalo. These teams took it to Miami in the trenches, shut down the Dolphin offense. Which is why I am leaning toward the New York Jets.

This game will be really close the entire game, a touchdown apart at most and will be decided in the fourth quarter. And to be honest I have no idea what Dolphin team will show up. Will it be the team that beat the New England Patriots two weeks ago or the incompetent, abysmal team that lost to Buffalo twice and loss to Baltimore?  At worst they are a 19-0 loss to Buffalo, they are an average to below average team that is vying for the final wildcard spot. This game will not decide what kind of team the Dolphins are, they are what they are.

For the Dolphins to get into the playoffs as the final wildcard spot they need to win on Sunday, and have the Cincinati Bengals defeat the Baltimore Ravens.

If the Dolphins win and the Ravens win then the Chargers have to win as well, this gives advantage to the Dolphins via 3-way tie. Both games are at 1pm while the Chargers game is at 4pm. Scoreboard watching will be in effect.

My prediction in which I will not be held accountable for, I picked Miami last week, that worked out real well for me.

The New York Jets will win 20-17.