All-New Episode of Football Debate Central with Ryan Riddle and Vincent Frank

The guys check in with former NFL quarterback Sage Rosenfels to talk about his Jeff Ireland comments and others things relating to the Miami Dolphins. Rosenfels gives us a bit of insight as it relates to players’ feelings about the Dolphins general manager. Ryan and Vincent then chat with the former NFL quarterback about the Houston Texans nine-game winning streak and his personal thoughts on Texans head coach Gary Kubiak.

Moving on, the co-hosts speak with Editor-In-Chief of the Pewter Report Mark Cook to dissect the Tampa Bay Buccaneers three-game winning streak. Mike Glennon’s great play and the future of head coach Greg Schiano in Tampa.

Ryan and Vincent also debate amongst themselves how far the Indianapolis Colts can get in the playoffs, what exactly the issue might be for Trent Richardson, who might pull ahead in the NFC North and their picks for Defensive MVP, among many other topics.