Two Former Colts Have A Chance To Make It To The NFL Hall of Fame

The 2014 NFL HOF selection is probably the toughest it has been for a while. Some former NFL players/coaches that deserve to be in the HOF might be cut from the list once the final seven is picked. However, after the NFL HOF committee released the list yesterday, two former Colts actually made the semifinalist list. Those two Colts were: former wide-receiver Marvin Harrison and former head coach Tony Dungy.

These two players not only had an impact in the Colts organization but also around the NFL. Harrison never had a flashy career compared to other wide-receivers (mostly due to the lack of media exposure that Bill Polian imposed on the Colts organization) but he had an incredible career especially catching passes from a secure first-ballot hall of famer in Peyton Manning. Harrison caught 1,102 passes for 14,580 yards with 128 touchdowns from 1996 to 2008. He was an eight-time pro bowler and a three-time all pro. He destroyed the single-season reception record with 143 catches in the 2002 season (previously 123 receptions in a season) and won a Super Bowl in the 2006.

Tony Dungy was a coach for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and for the Indianapolis Colts. He became the first African-American to win the Super Bowl and has a win/loss record (regular season only) of 139 wins-69 losses (.668 win/loss percentage). Dungy also took a Colts team to 6 consecutive 12+ win seasons which shows the elite status that the Colts gathered during Dungy’s reign. Dungy also won a Super Bowl in 2006 and went to multiple playoff appearances (19 playoff appearances). However, his playoff record is not that great compared to other hall of fame coaches. Dungy’s playoff record is 9 wins-10 losses. Not great for a coach with plenty of regular season success.

Overall I suspect that Harrison has a better chance than Tony Dungy to making the final list to enter the Hall of Fame. No insult to Dungy’s great coaching career but the lack of playoff success is going to be the reason he won’t become a first ballot hall of famer. Maybe next year he will join the hall of fame but this year is going to be hard for him to join.