Garrett Returning in 2014

Jerry Jones is using his normal deflecting interviews to take heat off of his head coach Jason Garrett. Today Jones announced that regardless of how this team finishes Garrett will return in 2014. His coach has come under fire again due to a lack of productivity from his team. Dallas is on pace for yet another .500 finish. The last time the Cowboys finished with the same record three years in a row Jones was firing Dave Campo.

Jason Garrett seems to be like a son to Jerry. He was hired back in 2007 before the Cowboys even had their head coach in place. Which is reverse logic of any other organization; you bring in your head coach and allow him to choose his staff. Garrett was named offensive coordinator without much experience at the coaching level.

From 2005-2006 Garrett was the quarterbacks coach in Miami before landing a job with the team he spent a majority of his playing time. Ask any Cowboys fan about their fondest memory of Garrett. I will guarantee they will bring up the Thanksgiving Day game in 1994 when he threw for 311 yards to lead them to a win over the Green Bay Packers.

No one should be surprised that Jerry wants Garrett to succeed. He was his handpicked successor for Bill Parcells, but possibly Jerry didn’t feel he was ready at the time. Had Parcells not been so back and forth with his decision on whether or not to retire, Jerry could have had Sean Payton as his head coach. This is something that Cowboy fans fantasize about due to his success in New Orleans.

This marks the seventh season for Garrett as a member of the coaching staff. Up until this season he has been in full control of the offense. His offensive ranks don’t lead you to believe he is as good as an offensive mine as Jerry thinks he is. Since 2007 he has only one year near the top in rushing (2009). Every other season he has been 16th or worse. This year his rushing attack is the 28th best in the NFL or 4th worse depending on if you are a glass half full or half empty type.

Those rankings are in terms of yards, as far as scoring the numbers aren’t much better. His rankings with scoring through running the ball he has been as high as 10th and as low as 30th (2011). This team hasn’t had much of a running presence since the departure of Emmitt Smith. Dallas had hopes that DeMarco Murray could be that guy but his injuries prevent him from gaining any momentum in trying to establish the run.

Passing yards and scores aren’t much better either. He has been as high as third in passing yards (2012) and third in scoring. There is no denying that his passing numbers are good as he abandons the run so early, much like his counterpart Bill Callahan. This season they rank 13th in yards but 3rd in scoring. Overall the offense isn’t as good under Bill Callahan as they were under Garrett. They are 11th in points but 31st in yards.

Jerry could use Callahan as the scapegoat in an attempt to bring Garrett. Not that he needs to explain his reasons to the media and fans, but the man loves to get in front of a microphone. Eventually he will tell you exactly what he had in mind if you ask him enough. This wasn’t the only bad news that Jerry delivered to Cowboys fan.

In an interview with CBS, Jerry Jones said that he would be the General Manager for the next 15-20 years. At age 71 most would think he is ready to hand over the reins to his son Stephen. The outlook currently doesn’t bode well for fans. It may be a while before the Cowboys have success again, so fans get comfortable.