Are The Colts Super Bowl Contenders?

Most Indianapolis fans would like to think that the Colts are legit Super Bowl contenders, and GM Ryan Grigson has made all the trades and deals to become one, but the production as of late has been awful. We have scored a total of 3 points in the first half in our last two games. Playing that poor for half a game will simply not cut it come playoff time.

As far as our roster, I think we have all the talent in the world. Sure, injuries have hurt us, but as Colts fans know, we live by the moto “Next Man Up.” Our WR production has been very poor this year with our number one guy Reggie Wayne out for the year. We are still looking to find some pieces to replace the 6 time pro bowler.

Our coaching has been pitiful lately. If you watched the Rams games on Sunday, it was evident that we did not come prepared, which has happened in all 3 losses this year. I think our problem is that we tend to overlook our opponents and start to look at the next game when we should be focused on one game at a time. The Rams proved the were better than their 3-6 record by dismantling us. In the post game interviews following the loss, Pagano said “I take full responsibility as the head football coach. I did not have this team ready to play.” I give him the respect for owning up to it because he was a big reason why we lost. He didn’t make any adjustments at halftime, and didn’t have this team prepared to begin with. Its his job as a coach to get this team prepared in practice, keep them motivated, and make the adjustments throughout the game. As for offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton, he had yet another poor play calling game. Running with our fullback Stanley Havili on 3rd and 10? That’s unacceptable. There has been countless times this year that we have ran awful plays.

Moving on to our offense, I think that Andrew Luck needs to step up. I understand he is missing his favorite target in Reggie Wayne and I know that he has a very poor offensive line, but NFL quarterbacks should be able to adapt. He is constantly missing his reads and overthrowing his receivers. His pocket presence has also been a question as of late, as he is losing a lot of confidence it seems. As the year progresses, he needs to prove he can take this team to the playoffs and win some games. I think everyone agrees that he is more than capable of doing so. Running back Trent Richardson has yet to show up, as he has completely lost his burst through the line, ability to break tackles, and vision to hit the holes. A bright spot for him is his receiving ability. Late in games he has came up in the clutch to catch the ball out of the backfield and make plays. Our offensive line needs a lot of work, plain and simple.

With our defense, we finally had a game in which our run defense was a positive. Last 2 games we held the opposing starting running backs Ben Tate and Zac Stacy of a YPC of just 3.05, which is very good. The problem is over those 2 games, our pass defense (which is usually pretty good) has been very bad. Yes, Greg Toler has been out, which hurts a little, but Vontae Davis has played bad as well. He allowed Andre Johnson 3 TDs in the Sunday Night Football game last week. Our safeties have not been good either lately. Antoine Bethea, has been a liability in coverage and his counterpart, Laron Landry, seems like a stud against the run, which is great, but against the pass he is also very bad. The bottom line is this, in the playoffs, good QBs will torch bad pass defenses, and that will be us if we don’t step it up.

Final Thoughts
Like I said above, this team has the pieces to be something great. This is a young and talented group of guys with a lot of upside. They proved they can beat the good teams, as they have done beat 3 of the best teams in the league. I think the biggest thing for this team moving forward is gonna be the production of Andrew Luck. We all know what he can do, but he has got to step up. Our defense needs to improve against the pass, and we need to keep up what we have been doing against the run. The sky is the limit for this team, and I think they are more than capable of being Super Bowl contenders.