Despite Reports, Jared Allen Trade Seems Unlikely

Courtesy of ESPN: Allen may be on the block, but a lot of factors are in play.

Courtesy of ESPN: Allen may be on the block, but a lot of factors are in play.

Jay Glazer over at Fox Sports indicated on Sunday that the Minnesota Vikings could trade star defensive end Jared Allen “for the right price.” The NFL insider also reported that the “right price” seems to be more than a third-round pick. The 31-year-old defensive end has recorded 4.5 sacks on the year and is coming off a string of sixth consecutive double-digit sack seasons.

He would be a major addition for contenders who run a base 4-3 defense and are looking for a consistent pass-rush threat. The Dallas Cowboys, Detroit Lions, Denver Broncos and Cincinnati Bengals come to mind first.

There are, however, a couple different obstacles to a potential trade prior to Tuesday’s deadline.

First, Allen is set to earn over $7.5 million over the remainder of the 2013 season. That’s roughly $1 million per game for a player that will need to learn a new defense with new coaching and different personnel. Outside of Allen agreeing to a contract extension prior to a trade, it’s unreasonable to believe that he would be moved. Simply put, teams are not going to take on that salary without the possibility of working out a long-term extension for the Pro Bowl defensive end.

Second, Minnesota’s asking price seems to be a bit high for someone who is a free agent following the season. If is really is looking for a second-round pick, as Glazer indicated, any potential deal could already be dead in the water. It would not only require that Allen agrees to a new deal, it would require that Minnesota lowers its asking price.

At 1-6 and completely out of the NFC Playoff race, the Vikings are smart to field offers for some of their veterans. This one deal, however sexy it might be on the surface, is dependent on a few different things happening in a short window. That’s not exactly beneficial to the possibility of a deal actually getting done.


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