Josh Freeman to Start for the Minnesota Vikings, Immediately Improves Passing Game

The Minnesota Vikings didn’t waste any time naming newly signed quarterback Josh Freeman as their starting quarterback for an important Monday Night Football matchup against the winless New York Giants. The move comes two weeks after Freeman was signed to compete with Christian Ponder and Matt Cassel for the starting gig.


As of right now, Cassel is listed as the No. 3 behind Freeman and Ponder, which might be an indication that he’s likely to move on to a new destination in the not-so-distant future. Houston Texans, anyone?

As it relates to the Vikings, this should improve their passing game a great deal. While mistake prone and inconsistent, Freeman has one of the better deep balls in the entire National Football League. He should be able to spread out the defense outside of the box, something that has become readily apparent Ponder just couldn’t do.

This will not only help Cordarrelle Patterson and Jerome Simpson make an impact down the field, it will enable Adrian Peterson to have success running against defenses who can’t put eight or nine men in the box. More green field and holes for AP could equate to some dominating performances down the road.

At 1-4 and in last place in the NFC North, the Vikings must turn around their season after a disastrous Week 6 loss to the Carolina Panthers. There are simply too many teams standing between the Vikings and the No. 6 seen in the NFC. Their primary focus has to be running off five or six wins in a row and getting back in the NFC North race. Going up against a horrible New York Giants defense with Freeman at quarterback may just be the tonic that they need.

It just remains to be seen if this is too little, too late.


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