Colts Game Review: Week 5, Colts Report Card against the Seahawks

Colts - Andrew Luck

The Indianapolis Colts stunned the NFL as they beat the Seattle Seahawks and gave them their first loss in the season. It wasn’t a pretty win (mostly in the first quarter where the Colts struggled).

However with an impressive second half, the Colts rallied back with a 28-34 victory against arguably the best defense in the NFL. What’s more impressive is that the Colts scored 11 points alone in the 4th quarter while the Seahawks were scoreless in the same quarter (4th).

Some statistics by Chase Stuart of New York Times:

“Luck has been sacked just once on 47 dropbacks on third down, another underrated quarterback skill. Add in Luck’s excellent play on third downs generally, and Larcada says that Luck has a league-leading (and near-perfect) 97.6 QBR on third down.

To put that in context, Denver’s Peyton Manning is second at 90.2. As a team, Indianapolis has converted 50 percent of its third downs, the second-highest rate in the league behind the Broncos (58.3).”

NOTE: Remember that QBR is rated on a scale between 0-100.

Incredible that Luck QBR on third downs is the highest in the league even beating a former Colts QB (you may have heard of him). What’s more incredible is the third-down conversion rate which is the second highest in the league. It shows that even at third downs, the Colts are still determined to get the first down.

Game Report Card:


The Colts offense struggled at the start of the game by continuously going three-and-out. However with a Luck-to-Hilton 74 yard touchdown, the Colts finally found their groove. It did help that a blocked field goal was returned for a touchdown which gave a two point lead to the Colts.

However what’s more incredible is how accurate Luck was when facing pressure. According to Pro Football Focus, Luck completed 8 passes out of 9 attempts for 139 yards (with another Hilton touchdown) when the Seahawks blitzed on 10 plays. That gave Luck a 155.8 QB rating when the Seahawks blitz. A remarkable effort on Luck trying to complete passes when there was pressure around him.

Grade: B+


The Colts struggled to keep Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch and Seahawks QB Russell Wilson from running all over the field. Lynch ran for 102 rushing yards on 17 carries while Wilson ran for 102 rushing yards on 13 carries. However, the Colts defense employed the bend but don’t break strategy on third down.

The defense only allowed 2 third down conversions out of 12 attempts (16 percent). This forced the Seahawks to keep punting or kick a field goal which kept the Colts at striking distance rather than a blowout.

As stated in the first paragraph in this article, one stat that was remarkable was that the Colts did not let the Seahawks score any points in the 4th quarter. This is a Seahawks offense that was averaging 11 points in the 4th quarter this season. I’ll say that this defense is incredible on crunch time by only allowing a total of 7 points in the 4th quarter this season.

The Colts defense made it difficult for Russell Wilson to complete a pass as Wilson only completed 48 percent of his passes. This forced Wilson to run more to get the first down rather than him passing for a first down. Overall, it would have been better for the defense to stop Lynch and Wilson from running them over in their run game but at least they stopped them at third down.

Grade: B-

Special Teams:

The only big downside of the special teams was the blocked punt which was returned for a safety. However, one downside was WR/KR David Reed made it difficult for the offense to get good field position as he kept returning kick returns (which he returned deep in the end zone) and not making it to the 20-yard line.

Other than that the Colts special teams did fairly well which helped that the field goal unit blocked a Seahawks field goal which was returned for a touchdown. Also it helped that K Adam Vinatieri was a perfect 2-for-2 on field goals where he made a long 49 yard field goal which was the last scoring play of the game.

Grade: B