Colts 12th man showed up on Sunday

Indianapolis Colts Andrew Luck

The best known 12th man in the NFL is undeniably the Seattle Seahawks fanbase where they broke Guinness World Record for crowd noise twice in the same game. However, the Colts fanbase showed that they also can be a factor in a game. After the Seahawks took an early 12 – 0 lead in the first half, the crowd wasn’t really enthusiastic.

However after a blocked field goal which was returned for a touchdown, the Colts took a two point lead which seemed the antidote to cure the dissatisfaction of the Colts crowd (including myself).

The loudness of the fans was especially loud during the final drive of the Seahawks where the only positive play was the 22 yard run by Seahawks QB Russell Wilson. It didn’t help that the Seahawks didn’t have a timeout therefore they couldn’t call a timeout if time runs out.

Personally I thought the Colts fanbase was especially loud in the final play of the final drive. It helped that the Seahawks (on their final play) were 4th and 15 which placed them at a dangerous position.

Quotes by Colts head coach Chuck Pagano by

“It was unbelievable,”

“We found out, again, we’ve got a great 12th man.”

“Our fans are the best in the National Football League and if they’ll do that week in and week out when we’re playing at home, it’ll be deafening.”

“I’ve never heard it, in my short time here, that loud. So, many thanks to our fans, they’re unbelievable.”